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Autism & Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

For most, the challenge of earning a living or raising a family while caring for a child with special needs can be overwhelming. Often, families have exhausted their local resources and find that Devereux has the breadth of services to offer precisely what their loved one needs.

Drawing on a century of experience, Devereux offers a network of individualized programs for children in need.  Devereux Florida, a part of the Devereux network, provides residential services for individuals who have both intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and mental health challenges.  The efforts of the I/DD program aim to provide the support, training and skills essential for creating positive treatment outcomes for individuals who display a wide range of challenging behaviors including aggression, property destruction, severe tantrum behavior, self-injurious behavior, delays in expressive communication, and deficits in adaptive and social function.

Devereux Florida offers a variety of residential programs to meet the needs of individuals with autism and related intellectual/developmental disabilities. Ranging from intensive residential treatment at our Viera Campus providing intensive therapeutic and behavioral supports, to statewide Intensive Intellectual/Developmental Group Homes to our least restrictive statewide Family Care Homes.

Viera Campus

Our Viera Campus, located in Brevard County, Florida is nationally recognized for treating individuals with more intensive intellectual/developmental disabilities. Children and adolescents with symptoms of mental health challenges and intellectual/developmental disabilities are provided with supports, skills and training to enable them to successfully transition to a less intensive supportive living environment. Additional services are also available for individuals who have a predominant disability in expressive communication and display clear developmental delays and who may require more intensive treatment.

Individuals appropriate for this program are between the ages of six and 17, and have been diagnosed with an intellectual/developmental disability. His or her level of functioning ranges from moderate to severe.  Some such behaviors include but are not limited to: aggression, property destruction, severe tantrum behavior, self-injurious behavior, delays in expressive communication, and deficits in adaptive and social functioning. 

Residents receive support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Each client receives onsite behavioral analysis services, individual and family therapy, psychiatric and medication monitoring services, an onsite accredited school with prevocational opportunities, independent living skills and community inclusion activities, as well as diabetes management services when needed.

Our highly skilled multidisciplinary teams are trained in safe and positive approach techniques. They foster a treatment environment that motivates each individual towards independence in all settings using positive approaches.

For more information about our Viera Campus, click here

Devereux Threshold Center for Autism

Devereux's Threshold Center for Autism provides a continuum of services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Located in Orlando, Devereux's Threshold Center for Autism includes a 16-bed residential program and an Adult Day Treatment (ADT) Program for residents. 

For more information about our Devereux Threshold Center for Autism, click here

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Group Homes

Devereux’s Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Group Homes located in Palm Bay, Orlando and Ft. Myers offer intensive behavioral treatment grounded in applied behavior analysis. These homes serve individuals who have moderate to severe behavioral challenges and/or significant deficits in adaptive skills and aim to prepare them for a less restrictive community setting.

Our I/DD Group Homes offer small (six-bed) unlocked homes in a community based setting. Residents receive onsite behavior analysis services, outpatient medication monitoring, independent living skills, and community inclusion activities.  In addition, assistance is given for public school attendance for adolescents as well as vocational program attendance for adult residents. 

This program is for male and female adolescents and young adults who are transitioning from a variety of previous placements including family/foster homes, group homes, residential, and hospital placements.

Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team is trained in safe and positive approach techniques.  They foster a homelike environment that motivates each individual towards independence while still providing 24-hour supervision of residents.

Family Care Homes

Our Family Care Homes provide children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities an opportunity to reside in a family environment, as opposed to residential treatment and group homes. With individualized behavior programs, the needs of each individual are addressed by the Family Care parents who are licensed foster parents in the state of Florida and receive weekly monitoring and supervision by our Behavior Analysts. These homes are located throughout the state.


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For assistance with a referral or for additional information on these programs, please call the Central Referral Unit at 1.800.DEVEREUX (800.338.3738) ext. 77130 or email