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Viera Campus

The Devereux Florida Viera Campus offers a professional therapeutic environment for children and adolescents facing significant emotional, behavioral and intellectual/developmental challenges. Located in Brevard County, in the town of Viera just 45 minutes east of the Orlando International Airport and west of the Melbourne International Airport. Our beautiful 55 acre campus offers a serene setting with tropical landscaping, lakefront views, a swimming pool, volleyball court and playground - all in a climate suitable to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. 

The campus offers two residential programs: The Intensive Residential Treatment Center (IRTC) and the Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Program. Through these residential treatment programs, the Viera Campus includes a total of six residential units and the Devereux School, accredited by AdvancED™.

Viera CampusDevereux Florida Viera Campus provides the following:

 * When applicable or appropriate for client.

Intensive Residential Treatment Center (IRTC)/ Child and Adolescent Specialty Hospital

The Intensive Residential Treatment Center (IRTC) at the Devereux Florida Viera Campus provides services of children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 18. Our highly experienced team helps individuals diagnosed with affective disorders, psychosis, history of abuse and neglect, emotional and psychiatric difficulties. The treatment model of the IRTC is based on the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) curriculum, emphasizing the importance of providing individuals with options to make positive choices. PBIS in addition with Devereux’s unique training methods provide children and adolescents ample opportunities to develop their own strengths and learn how to manage one’s own behavior. Multidisciplinary teams led by the psychiatrist, therapist and behavior analyst work in collaboration to support positive change.

For more detailed information about this program, click here.

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Program (I/DD)

Viera Campus - Building 5The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Program provides services for individuals between the ages of 5 and 19. This program provides services for individuals who have the existence of both intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness. In addition to being identified with an intellectual/developmental disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder, the individuals also have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder as identified on Axis I. Individuals typically display a wide range of challenging behaviors including aggression, property destruction, severe tantrum behavior, self-injurious behavior, run away problems and difficulty following directions reliably. The individuals admitted to the program display clear deficits in adaptive and social functioning.

The I/DD Program is aimed at providing children and adolescents with the supports, training and skills essential in attaining a successful discharge into a less restrictive setting. Treatment focuses on increasing independence in all settings using positive approaches. The program attempts to create real world experiences in a structured setting to maximize teachable moments. Our I/DD Program offers small staff to patient ratio (1:4) for the best treatment outcome.

We believe that each child and adolescent must be treated as an individual and treatment must reflect their individual characteristics and interests. Our Individual Plan of Care outlines how the treatment team will build upon the individual’s identified strengths during treatment. Additionally, it assesses the skills they must learn to function in a less restrictive setting in addition to addressing the challenging behaviors preventing him or her from returning home or to a less restrictive community setting.

At the heart of Devereux’s philosophy is a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, providing patients with extraordinary attention based on their individual diagnosis and medical needs. The term “multidisciplinary” is used frequently today in describing the ideal care for patients. It simply means that a patient can obtain the opinion of a team of medical specialist working together to provide individualized diagnoses, assessments and treatment options. 

We have multiple specialists in each discipline. A common multidisciplinary team includes behavior analysts, specialized therapists, medical staff (including 24 hour nursing and supervision, two full time on-site psychiatrists, a neuropsychologist as well as a pediatric physician and endocrinologist), educators, speech/language specialist and direct care professionals. All strive to create and provide the best Individual Plan of Care based on assessments, direct observation and interview with the child and family. Support services are also available when appropriate for the individual, which includes family therapy, parent/caregiver training, speech/language services and substance abuse treatment therapy.

The development of the Individual Plan of Care is based on assessments, direct observation and interviews with the child and family. Research indicates optimal outcomes occur for individuals who are served with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. We have noted such successes with most of the individuals who complete theprogram.

Our core strengths include:

  • Multidisciplinary treatment approach
  • Individualized treatment that focuses on the individual’s strengths
  • Ongoing assessment of challenging behaviors
  • Integration of parents/guardian in the treatment process
  • Continued specialized education/training for team members
  • Specialized Treatment Supports (speech & language services, educators, behavior analyst, therapists, psychiatry, nursing)
  • 24 hour support and staff monitoring
  • Realistic on-going discharge planning from admission to discharge
  • Onsite accredited K-12 school with vocational programs

Our program’s core belief is that each child can reach their full potential when given the opportunity to receive needed supports and treatment. Hence, we aspire to create a highly structured, safe and nurturing setting where positive behavior change is encouraged.

Within all of our programs we believe that success in treatment is enhanced by the following goals:

  • Unified approach to the program mission: we strive to provide a collaborative approach to afford each child with every opportunity to succeed. We have found that consistency is paramount for children with cognitive delays. Therefore, we place a great deal of resources in developing and implementing strategies to ensure every treatment provider is vested and educated on the identified effective treatment modalities.
  • Value based community: We aspire to evaluate each child’s treatment in an ethical and thoughtful matter while incorporating a value system in our treatment approach. Our focus is to base all decisions on what is determined to be best for the individual.
  • Enriched learning environment: Motivating both the individuals we serve and their caregivers to learn new skills has had an extremely positive effect on treatment.

Our children and adolescents experience creative and diverse interventions as they likely did not benefit from traditional therapies in prior placements. We find including our caregivers in this process also provides them with potential opportunities for professional growth.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Program

Devereux Florida has a rich history of providing sophisticated treatment programs for children who have experienced emotional, physical and sexual trauma. For over 25 years in Florida, our therapeutic residential programs have been treating children who are victims of sexual abuse, sexual trauma and more recently sexual exploitation. The Viera Campus offers a professional therapeutic environment for children and adolescents facing significant emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges. At the heart of the Viera Campus is a multidisciplinary approach to the level of care each individual receives, providing children and adolescents with extraordinary attention based on his/her diagnosis and medical needs. A common multidisciplinary team at the Viera Campus includes board certified psychiatrists; board certified pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist, therapists, behavioral analysts, counselors, registered nurses, medical specialists, teachers, direct care professionals and support staff. All work in collaboration to provide individualized diagnoses, assessments and treatment options which in turn provides the best level of care available.

For more detailed information about this program, click here.

Viera Campus - Building 8

Diabetes Management Program

At Devereux Florida, we believe it is important to assist individuals in gaining knowledge and control of their illness to reduce risks of long term physical and psychological complications. The Devereux Florida Viera Campus has earned national recognition for successful treatment with children and adolescents experiencing severe behavioral problems, in combination with diabetic health concerns.

Devereux Florida teaches children and adolescents with diabetes how to take control of their illness. Both the intensive residential treatment center and dual diagnosis programs offer a diabetes program which uses age appropriate education and training in conjunction with the treatment programming to help stabilize the disease. This is accomplished with individual and group teaching concerning diabetes management, as well as assistance with diet and exercise programs. Many clients with type 2 diabetes have been able to lose weight and adopt an exercise routine so they no longer require medication.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Devereux Florida recognizes that many youth struggle with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. We offer a substance abuse treatment track designed to meet the unique recovery needs of children and adolescents facing the challenges of substance abuse or dependence. Individual and group treatment programs are available to address issues pertaining to exposure, behavior and addiction.

Individual, Group & Family Therapy

Viera Campus - PlaygroundTherapists at the Viera Campus predominantly use a cognitive-behavioral model of therapy for individual, family and group interventions. This means that therapy focuses on how your child’s thoughts and feelings contribute to the behavior they show in responding to events in their environment. Examples of thinking that can contribute to your child’s emotional and/or behavioral problems include negative beliefs about themselves, assumptions they may make about others’ behavior or unrealistic distorted views of their experiences and/or the world around them.

While each therapist possesses a unique skill set and therapeutic style, all therapy services on campus are governed by Devereux Best Practice Guidelines. Best Practice Guidelines are therapeutic interventions identified by experts through scientifically-based published studies to be most effective in treating a specific disorder or challenging behavioral problem. Your child’s clinical team receives a great deal of oversight and supervision to assist in your loved one’s treatment, ensuring the most useful interventions are being applied.  Some additional therapy modalities practiced by our therapists include brief solution-focused therapy, social skills training, progressive muscle relaxation, constructing a trauma narrative, play therapy and psycho-education.

Furthermore, therapy services on campus are guided by the principles of warmth, genuineness and empathy - which research has shown to be strongly related to positive treatment outcomes. In practice, this means that your child’s therapist will work with you and your child in a manner that communicates understanding, respect and a strong desire to be of help.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysts Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific and experimentally driven treatment method used to improve behaviors of social significance. By applying principles of behavior and actively using techniques grounded in ABA, Devereux has been successful in creating and maintaining positive changes and remains the treatment of choice in Devereux’s intellectual/developmental disabilities programs.

By using ABA techniques, Devereux’s behavior analysts are able to identify behaviors in objective and measurable terms, their functions and develop effective and efficient treatment methods to decrease these problem behaviors and teach appropriate replacement behaviors. The ABA treatment process begins with a thorough functional assessment. This assessment provides the team with a comprehensive overview of the behaviors in need of reduction, their function and other pertinent information about the individual’s history.

A behavior program is then developed and clearly addresses how target problem behaviors shall be reduced and replacement skills that will be taught to the individual. The program is implemented by trained staff and changes are continuously assessed over time through daily data collection with data being reviewed and studied by a behavior analyst. Modifications to behavior programs are made when necessary and all programs are implemented with the supervision of a Master’s or PhD level certified behavior analyst.

Devereux prides itself in providing high quality ABA treatment and employs qualified Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCABA) and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to provide ABA treatment for its programs.

Viera Campus - Waterfront

Speech Therapy*

Devereux Florida Viera Campus offers certified speech pathology services to individuals who have speech or language difficulties. If your child’s treatment team indicates speech services are needed the speech pathologist will work hand-in-hand with your child’s treatment team to provide optimal treatment results through speech evaluation and treatment. Therapy services include auditory-oral training, myofunctional therapy, articulation therapy, voice therapy and language therapy.

Educational & Vocational Services

The philosophy of the Devereux School is based on the belief that all students have the ability to achieve academic success. Students are paired with 21st century technology and highly qualified educators to ensure academic excellence. In addition to academic progress, students will gain skills in self-determination and independent living.

Accredited by AdvancED™, the Devereux School is able to provide instruction to meet diploma requirements for school districts in Florida as well as across the country. All teachers are certified and/or highly qualified in the areas of Exceptional Education and in specific instructional subject area.

For more information, click here.

Community Inclusion Opportunity*

Viera Campus - PoolEach child and adolescent has the ability to participate in community activities which include but are not limited to community service activities, civic organizations, adult education, theater, organized sporting leagues, community recreation facilities, museums, space center and the zoo. The individual’s treatment team and program director will approve and outline the activities the resident will be able to participate in based on his/her treatment plan. Consent from the legal guardian must be obtained during admission and all activities are considered voluntary. Devereux Viera Campus staff will be present during all activities.

Discharge Planning & Continued Care

We offer enhanced discharge planning. A continued care plan is developed for your child to help support and strengthen gains made while at Devereux as well as to encourage further progress after his or her stay here. 

Devereux Florida also offers specialized therapeutic group homes, intellectual/developmental disabilities group homes, family care, foster care, residential group care and outpatient family counseling services. All are available to serve as step down placements or services to help support each individual to returning home or for independent living.

For Parents & Caregivers

The Viera Campus offers a Parent Handbook for parents and caregivers interested in placing their child or adolescent in our care. The Parent Handbook describes our programs, provides detailed information about the Devereux School, outlines what to pack and explains your child’s health and safety under our care. 

To request a printed copy, please email To view the latest PDF version, click here.

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For additional information or to make a referral, please call the Central Referral Unit at 1.800.DEVEREUX (800.338.3738) ext. 77130 or email