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Steven Murphy

Steven J. Murphy
Executive Director
Devereux Florida

Mr. Steven J. Murphy was named Executive Director of Devereux Florida in 2008, joining the Devereux Foundation after his previous position as the founding President and Chief Executive Office for one of the first community-based care lead agencies in the state of Florida, where he was instrumental in reshaping Florida's child welfare system of care.

With the goal of advancing Devereux Florida as a premier provider for child welfare services, Mr. Murphy has continually improved the effectiveness and relevance of Devereux's mission and programs to better serve the needs of children, youth and families.

Since joining Devereux, Mr. Murphy has led the organization to expand services to children and families in community based settings, including the creation of the lead agency in circuit 19 on the Treasure Coast, Devereux Community Based Care. Mr. Murphy led the organization to collaborate with the Human Rights Campaign's All Children All Families (ACAF) to ensure equality and fully inclusive policies and services throughout the organization. Because of Mr. Murphy's leadership and dedication, Devereux has been awarded the Seal of Recognition from the Human Rights Campaign ACAF project making it one of the first agencies in the state of Florida to receive the seal, achieving the benchmarks of LGBT cultural competence. Furthermore, Mr. Murphy recognized the need in the state of Florida to effectively help victims of sexual exploitation, particularly for children. He understood that strong collaborative relationships with state agencies and service providers are necessary to address the impact of human trafficking with the youth throughout our state. With Mr. Murphy's leadership and administrative direction, Devereux invested in the infrastructure and clinical support to develop a comprehensive clinical program for children and adolescent who have been victims of sexual exploitation and is now serving Florida's children with the most intensive needs in this area.

With over 30 years of senior management experience in the delivery of health and human services in numerous states, Mr. Murphy worked with the Florida Department of Children and Families in the creation of the Title IV-E waiver, which has allowed Florida to redirect dollars for more intensive in-home services, and has been appointed by two former DCF secretaries to participate on several high-profile statewide improvement projects. In his role at Magellan Health Services, he assisted with multiple child-welfare privatization initiatives around the country as well as behavioral health care implementations. Fulfilling a 25-year career with the Michigan Department of Social Services, he led the redesign of the Child Protection System as well as assisted in the development of information systems to support field workers, which resulted in consistent practice by caseworkers throughout the state and standardized numerous activities that allowed staff to spend more time on the complex issues in case management. He is a Past President of the National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators and served on the Board of the American Public Human Services Association. During his tenure as association president, he focused on the implementation of national guidelines for a Model Protective Services System. These guidelines were used throughout the nation by states revamping their protective services system from one that focused on primarily identification of abuse and neglect to one that looks at a whole range of services to support abused and neglected children and their families.

Mr. Murphy is an active member of the Florida Coalition for Children, having served as chair of the Foundation Board. Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors for the Florida Council for Community Mental Health and has served on the Executive Committee.


Dr. Pozzi

Carlos F. Pozzi-Montero, Psy.D.
Clinical Director
Devereux Florida

Dr. Carlos Pozzi-Montero "Dr. Pozzi," serves as Clinical Director for Devereux Florida. He is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years. In his role as Clinical Director, Dr. Pozzi oversees the implementation of clinical services for children and adolescents diagnosed with an emotional, behavioral or intellectual/developmental disability.

Dr. Pozzi completed a Doctor of Psychology degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, where he also received his masters of Clinical Psychology. He is a Ph.D. Candidate in Health Sciences at Rutgers University. His research work focused on resilience among survivors of childhood abuse.

During his years of experience he has served as case manager, therapist, clinical supervisor, and administrator within programs that serve children and young adults with behavioral and emotional difficulties and developmental disabilities. He also served as tenured Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training in the Graduate School at Wheaton College in Illinois. Prior to finding psychology, Dr. Pozzi's area of study was religion. He attended Northern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Master Degree in Theological Studies.

He has focused his research and publications on multicultural factors in psychology, the interaction of faith and mental health, and resilience and adaptation in children who have experienced trauma. His worked has led to several publications including several articles published by the American Psychological Association and the Christian Association for Psychological Studies and contribution of several chapters to a book published by Oxford University Press.


Lindsey Phillips

Lindsey Phillips
Director of External Affairs
Devereux Florida

As the Director of External Affairs for Devereux Florida, Lindsey Phillips leads the marketing, communications, admissions and utilization management departments statewide and provides business relations support to the organization nationally, including international accounts. Her responsibilities encompass the development and implementation of strategic communications, external relations, media and government relations, and branding initiatives that increase industry awareness and support of Devereux's programs and services. Since joining Devereux in 2000, Mrs. Phillips has facilitated multiple key partnerships and is credited for profiling the organization to relevant audiences and promoting collaborative activities.

Mrs. Phillips works closely with senior leadership to oversee the planning, implementation and monitoring of initiatives that contribute to meeting the needs of individuals served throughout the continuum of care. Recently, Mrs. Phillips led the strategic planning efforts for the Florida operations in the treatment of sexually exploited youth. Serving on multiple statewide and local human trafficking task forces, she has facilitated partnerships among state agencies and community organizations to ensure Devereux is at the forefront of systemic response to one of our nation's fastest growing criminal industries against youth.

Mrs. Phillips has over 20 years of behavioral healthcare experience. She began her career as a direct care professional working with children and adults with Autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities, and credits these years of experience as a direct service provider where she ignited a life-long passion for helping many of the most underserved and vulnerable members of our communities. She has served the roles as a clinician, educator, program director, clinical compliance specialist, quality management director, marketing and communications director and administrator within programs that serve children and adolescents with intellectual/developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Mrs. Phillips earned a bachelor of arts in psychology and a master of arts in varying exceptionalities from the University of Central Florida and is a national board certified associate behavior analyst. Sought out as an expert in her field, she currently serves on child welfare committees and leadership positions throughout the state of Florida.


Phil Putnam

Philip Putnam, Esq.
Director of Legal, Risk and Quality Management
Devereux Florida

As the Director of Legal, Risk and Quality Management for Devereux Florida, Philip Putnam oversees the legal needs of the organization, oversees audit and compliance functions as well as risk and quality management. Mr. Putnam's compassion for helping children and families, and his steadfast commitment to help staff become effective and efficient, has been instrumental in leading the organization to establish and maintain best practices for the safety and well-being of children.

Throughout the span of his career, Mr. Putnam has been fundamentally responsible for the development of a sophisticated risk and quality management system, including incident reporting and response, child safety-protocols, state and federal regulatory compliance and an overarching system to ensure safety for thousands of children, in a variety of settings, on a daily basis. He has provided leadership and support for the creation and opening of several programs, including the development of Devereux's lead agency, Devereux Community Based Care. In addition, Mr. Putnam created Devereux's first system to track and trend incident reports and restraints in our behavioral healthcare, intellectual/developmental disabilities and child welfare programs.

His experience and knowledge areas include risk management including incident reporting and conflict resolution; quality management; information technology; state and federal regulatory compliance; litigation management including general liability and employment claims; new business development; contract management and procurement; environmental safety as well as accreditation of child welfare and behavioral health programs.

Mr. Putnam received his Masters in Healthcare Administration at the University of Central Florida. He then went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Florida A&M University, College of Law. He was selected as one of only two law students throughout the state to assist the Office of the Governor with legal research regarding adoption and child welfare issues.

He co-authored Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs in Health Care – A Study of Organizational Utilization. Mr. Putnam is also a member of the Florida Bar and is licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration as a Licensed Hospital Risk Manager.


Kelly Messer

Kelly Messer
Director of Finance
Devereux Florida

Kelly Messer, is the Director of Finance for Devereux Florida. She is responsible for overall financial management of Devereux Florida and Devereux Community-Based Care including accounting, revenue, finance, accounts payable, purchasing and facility management, in addition to providing oversight of the Information Technology Departments in both organizations.

Mrs. Messer holds an MBA from Webster University School of Business and Technology and a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from Warner Southern College. With over 20 years of experience with Devereux Florida's Financial Department, she has a wide-range of operational and financial experience in financial planning and analysis. Mrs. Messer has extensive experience managing multiple contracts for various agencies and funding streams.

Mrs. Messer continues to help Devereux identify, implement and navigate the industry's ever-changing regulatory environment. She regularly monitors and adjusts the financial system to ensure funds and tangible assets are safeguarded, funds are utilized in accordance to contract requirements as well as accurate and timely financial reporting.

Mrs. Messer has the unique skill set that enables her to bridge the gap between operations and finance. Recognized by her peers as an expert in her field, she has advised other organizations in the human services industry.


Mary Hansell

Mary Margaret Hansell
Director of Human Resources

Devereux Florida

Mary Margaret Hansell is the Director of Human Resources for Devereux Florida, as well as having oversight of human resources for Devereux Community Based Care, representing over 1,200 employees collectively.

Joining Devereux in 2003, Mrs. Hansell is responsible for all Human Resource functions state-wide, which includes recruitment, benefits, compensation, learning and organizational development, employee relations and leadership development.

Since coming to Devereux Mrs. Hansell has overseen the development of inclusive policies and practices, achieving benchmarks for equality and LGBT cultural competence, and has led the organization in the design and implementation of a leadership development program focused on mentoring and professional advancement for members of the Devereux workforce, statewide.

Mrs. Hansell has over 30 years of experience in human resource management. Prior to Devereux, she served in numerous industries, most recently in behavioral health, intellectual developmental disability and child-welfare services. She began her college career majoring in Special Education, and although she ultimately pursued a business career, she later reconnected, through Devereux, with the special mission of serving children and families with special needs.

Mrs. Hansell holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from Rider College and a master of human resources from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She is also certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).