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Adult Therapeutic Foster Care

About the program

Devereux Arizona’s Adult Therapeutic Foster Care program places adults with mental health challenges into trained and motivated foster homes. Typically, individuals placed in foster homes have previously lived independently but need additional help managing their illness. Individuals in the program are 18 years of age or older who benefit from a living in a family environment. Individuals may present with moderate to severe behavioral problems.

Adult Therapeutic Foster Care Providers

Devereux Arizona trains and licenses adult therapeutic foster care providers who can provide a safe, structured home setting for adults with serious mental illness. Our Atherapeutic providers are held to the highest ethical and professional standards and are licensed by the state. Each provider has demonstrated a past or related experience in working with adults and/or children with disabilities. Devereux Arizona adult therapeutic foster care providers are dedicated to the clients they serve and many remain in contact long after the clients are discharged.

Adult Therapeutic Foster Care Providers must:

• be 21 or older;
• obtain a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card;
• have behavioral health care or caregiving experience;
• have room for an adult;
• be able to provide 24/7 care;
• complete 26 hours of Devereux training ; and
• be extremely patient.

 Adult Foster Care

Ready to become an Adult Therapeutic Foster Care provider or want more information?   

Use our online form or contact:           

Haley Anderson, Outreach & Marketing Specialist
6141 E. Grant Road Tucson, AZ 85712
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