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Why choose Devereux Arizona as your foster care agency?

When you choose the Devereux Foster Care Program, you will be working with one of the largest nonprofit behavioral health organizations in the United States. You will have access to extensive resources, trainings, and a comprehensive support system, consisting of experienced foster care and adoption specialists. In addition, Devereux offers access to:

  • free training for foster parents;
  • foster care specialists to guide and support you;
  • foster parenting support groups;
  • licensed staff available 24/7;
  • community resources especially for Devereux Foster Families;
  • free bi-annual Devereux foster family appreciation sponsored events;
  • minimum of six days of respite annually;
  • additional insurance coverage;
  • free fingerprinting services; and
  • quarterly newsletter with parenting tips, resources, and more.

Devereux Cultural Competency

Recognized by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Devereux  was the first organization in Arizona to receive the "All Children-All Families™" seal, assuring you that the staff is caring, supportive, and culturally competent from the moment you inquire about foster care until you become a licensed foster care parent. Devereux welcomes single, married, partnered, or cohabitating individuals to become foster parents.

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