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Phoenix Area Programs & Services

Individuals seeking services in any Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health program throughout Arizona, have the right to all available services without discrimination because of race, creed, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, handicap, national origin, or sexual orientation. Devereux ensures that every client has the right to exercise all civil rights and the right of access to an advocate in order to understand, exercise, and protect client’s rights.

Devereux Adolescent Health & Wellness Clinic

The Devereux Adolescent Health & Wellness Clinic - part of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health - is a specialty outpatient clinic providing whole-person care for teens and young adults. We understand the transition from childhood to adulthood brings physical, hormonal and emotional changes. Through the integration of primary care and behavioral health practitioners - with specialties in adolescent health - we are able to meet adolescents’ unique healthcare needs in one location. To learn more, or to make an appointment, visit:

Therapeutic Foster Care (Child)

The Therapeutic Foster Care Program pairs children experiencing behavioral difficulties with a special group of foster parents that are extensively trained to care for the child's intense needs. This program is designed to prepare children for permanent placement, whether with their biological family, adoptive family or independent living.

Outpatient Counseling Services

Devereux offers comprehensive outpatient counseling services for individuals, families, and groups in office, school and home settings. Specialties include the treatment of ADHD, conduct disorders, mood disorders, physical abuse, sexual abuse and anxiety disorders.

Prevention Programs

Devereux Arizona prevention programs offer support through education, counseling and/or referrals. These special programs offer families and parents unique assistance . Our trained specialists observe family dynamics in a safe and caring environment in order to help families with parenting and teaching skills by offering tools and techniques to strengthen relationships.


The goal of respite care is to successfully provide an interval of rest for children and their primary caregivers, without disruption or compromise to their home placement. Respite care, when used appropriately, may reduce the utilization of more intensive services and can help maintain the placement of the child(ren) in the home.

Residential Treatment Center

Located on a 10-acre campus in Scottsdale, the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) provides support and care for children struggling with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse challenges in a safe and therapeutic environment 24 hours a day. The RTC serves youth ages 4 to 17, providing them with stability, safety and structure.

For more information about any of Devereux Arizona’s statewide programs & services contact us.