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Our Philosophy of Care

Devereux has put forth much research and effort in creating a foundation-wide Philosophy of Care. It is composed of general guidelines that all Devereux programs share. The Philosophy of Care focuses on three major principles:

Individualized Treatment

All services will be based on solid individualized assessments which establish treatment objectives and goals for each individual and family.

Accountable and Effective Strategies

Services will be aligned with specific, evidenced-based practices that have been thoroughly researched and proven. Strategies will be continuously evaluated and when necessary, changed.

Positive, Strengths-Based Approaches

Treatment will focus on strengthening individualized skills, relationship development, individual strengths, and proactive intervention through the use of teaching, modeling and strong systems of rewards.

This state-of-the-art clinical approach increases Devereux’s ability to effectively measure and evaluate the efficacy of treatment. The Devereux Philosophy of Care results in stronger outcomes, shorter lengths of stay and life-long skills that our clients will utilize to become independent and successful throughout their lives.

Devereux Philosophy of Care