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Devereux Pocono Center

“Inspiring Hope and Empowering Lives” is more than just a motto.

Devereux Pocono CenterThis is Devereux Pocono’s guiding principle to deliver uniquely extraordinary services for exceptional people.

Devereux Pocono Programs and Services are dedicated to empowering each individual to discover their innate strengths, talents, and their potential to live a meaningful and productive life.

Located throughout Northeast Pennsylvania, Pocono Programs and Services provide a wide array of quality programs and services to children, adolescents, and adults whose needs stem from intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, mental health disorders and challenging behaviors.

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Adult Supports and Services

Children’s Services

Community Integrated Employment

Forging Hope

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Special Video

One Family Describes our Mission Best

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Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope - Carlos

“I have been coming to Devereux for many years and I am grateful.  I really like working here and have made many friends.  I have grown since I started here.”
Carlos, participant in Devereux Pocono’s Pre-Employment Training program


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