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The Philosophy of Care

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Philosophy of Care

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Devereux Pennsylvania in the News

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October 31, 2015

Devereux Pennsylvania Hope Gala
Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker

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At Devereux Pennsylvania, we believe every person deserves the power to dream.

Parents dreaming of communicating with insight and laughter with their child with autism who does not speak

A teenager with behavioral challenges and a history filled with trauma dreaming of a stable, loving home

An adult with intellectual challenges dreaming of a fulfilling, independent job in the community

Since 1912, thanks to the pioneering vision and determination of our founder, Helena Devereux, Devereux Pennsylvania has been an innovative leader in helping children and adults with intellectual, behavioral and emotional challenges accomplish their dreams by discovering their strengths and realizing personal fulfillment.

Philosophy of Care

All of Devereux's services in Pennsylvania are rooted in our Philosophy of Care, which impels our staff to focus on:

  • Positive approaches to the care of our individuals;
  • Individualized services that build upon the strength of each child or adult to achieve broader accomplishment; and
  • Effective and accountable services that demonstrate the success of our approaches.
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Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope - Luke"Safe and nurturing. A place to grow with support and love. A special place with a dedicated, caring staff with access to the right resources, programs and services. A place of understanding for parents that have never been understood before. Finally a place where my child can be welcome, where he can grow and learn, where I can find help for the child who has never gotten the help that he needed before."

Terri Spettell, Parent of a Child at Devereux Pennsylvania Children's Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

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