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The Shops at Devereux

daisy shop The Shops at Devereux, founded in 1962, is a vocational training center composed of several workshops that function as small businesses. These businesses give our individuals the opportunity to learn marketable skills in a realistic work setting. This allows them to learn socially appropriate behaviors as they work toward employment within the local community. Workers receive paychecks for the work they do, and learn how to budget and save the money they earn.

Visit The Shops located in Devon, Pennsylvania, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The program focuses on assisting individuals with developmental delays in the acquisition of the skills needed to secure successful competitive employment in the community. The program also offers job skills, education and assessment, situational assessments, employment task analysis, career development counseling, academic and tutorial services, and also acts as a liaison to help businesses comply with the American Disabilities Act regulations.

The Shops at Devereux offers the following services: Devereux shops

  • The Apparel Shop - Custom Embroidery, Silkscreen and Digital screening
  • The Auto Shop - full service from state inspections and car washes to brake and engine repair
  • The Bike Shop -Repairs/Service and Sales of rehabilitated bicycles
  • The Daisy Shop - full service floral shop (flower arranging with fully functional floral shop)
  • The Greenhouse - Specialty plants, seasonal landscape or indoor greenery, fresh & dried herbs and more
  • Packaging, Assembly, and Clerical Work - Collating, Stuffing, Labeling, Packaging, Shrink Wrapping and more
  • Mobile Work Crews - During daytime hours, we’ll clean your office space, bathrooms or outdoor litter.
  • Recycling Crew - We’ll come to you to pick-up your paper, plastic and aluminum trash to be recycled

Visit The Shops Today!

The Shops at Devereux
119 Old Lancaster Road
Devon, PA 19333
(610) 964-3214

8:30AM - 4:30PM, Monday-Friday