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Beyond Traditional Foster Care: What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

While current and prospective foster parents may be familiar with the traditional foster care system, and working with children from birth to 18, there are many individuals with specialized needs who require therapeutic foster care.

foster care parentThese individuals include young people and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioral challenges, and survivors of severe trauma or commercial sexual exploitation who require specialized therapeutic care. The challenges these individuals face are diverse, but they are united in that with loving care and guidance, they can overcome anything to lead positive and fulfilling lives.

At Devereux, we believe every individual deserves to live with dignity, thrive and meet their potential no matter what challenges they face. Providing care for all children and adults, regardless of their physical, emotional and behavioral needs, has been core to the mission of Devereux since our founding in 1912.

We understand we can only advance our mission with the support and dedication of the parents who open their loving homes to children. We also know all foster parents require the necessary training and support to provide the highest quality of care, and we are committed to serving as an extension of their families.

Requirements of the Non-traditional Foster Parent

As a therapeutic foster care provider, when you take any child or adult into your home, your primary role is the same: to provide a safe, loving and stable home for an individual in need. When you take charge of the care of an individual with specialized needs, your role is a bit different.

From special education support to therapeutic rehab, foster parents who support individuals with non-traditional needs take on added responsibility, but with that comes the fulfillment of knowing you are providing the most critical resources in a child or young adult’s life.

Support for Therapeutic Foster Care Parents

Becoming a foster parent to any child is a heroic act. Opening your home to provide care for the most vulnerable individuals in our society is a truly special vocation. At Devereux, we are committed to serving as your partner every step of the way in your foster parent journey. We provide high-touch, always-on support so you have every resource you need to be able to be successful and to provide transformative, loving care.

“The best part about being a therapeutic foster parent is the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping them; knowing that you are making an impact in their life. Just seeing them happy and seeing them have good days because they have a lot of trauma is the most rewarding part. You are changing their life” - Kathy and David, Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care Parents

Resources you can expect as a Devereux therapeutic foster parent include:

  • Generous, tax-free weekly stipend
  • Company-paid foster parent liability insurance
  • Extensive training
  • 24-hour, on-call professional support
  • Up to eight days paid respite

In addition to these resources, Devereux works tirelessly to help therapeutic foster parents with ongoing, evidence-based parenting skill-building classes. We recognize therapeutic fostering requires a different approach to parenting and caregiving at times, and we are dedicated to helping them be the best caregivers possible.

Taking the Next Step

The reality is that there are more children who need foster parents than are available today. Foster parents are needed – from short-term foster care to permanent foster care, and all situations in between – and Devereux is here to guide new and previously certified foster parents on the next step of their journey.

Learn more about foster care and the foster parent application process today.