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Fostering with Care

Read the latest articles on foster care from Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.

Journey of a Lifetime   The Journey of a Lifetime: Applying to be a Foster Parent

There are some decisions that shape the course of our lives - choices that impact our daily routines and the legacy we leave behind in profound ways. Choosing to become a foster parent is one of those decisions and should not be taken lightly.

Building Lifelong Connections   Building Lifelong Connections

All foster parents share a deep commitment to being that positive force for an individual in need. Yet the journey to becoming a foster parent is different for everyone.

Devereux’s Promise   Devereux’s Promise: Supporting Diversity in the Foster Care System

The more than 400,000 children in the U.S. foster system come from diverse backgrounds. Despite many differences, they are bound together by a shared need for supportive, structured care from a trusted, loving adult.

Beyond Traditional Foster Care   Beyond Traditional Foster Care: What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

While current and prospective foster parents may be familiar with the traditional foster care system, and working with children from birth to 18, there are many individuals with specialized needs who require therapeutic foster care.

Understanding the Role   What Does a Foster Parent Do? Understanding the Role of a Lifetime

Imagine this scenario: A young child is removed from their home and their biological caregivers due to abuse, neglect or another unfortunate circumstance. In their short life, they have perhaps not known safety, security or comfort.

Foster Care Promise   The Devereux Foster Care Promise: All Children Deserve a Chance to Thrive

Every child - regardless of the circumstance he or she is born into - deserves a chance to dream big, a chance to be ambitious and a chance to realize their full potential.