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Emotional and Behavioral Health Challenges

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Specialty Mental Health

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health provides innovative programs and services for children, adolescents and adults with emotional and behavioral disorders in community and residential settings. We are committed to providing trauma-focused care across our organization. Diagnoses served include anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, ADHD, psychotic disorders and disruptive behavior disorders. Note: Services for adolescents/young adults are provided through age 21.

We are proud to serve children and adults across the country. Individuals and families who are not located near our service areas are encouraged to contact us for help and information.

Specialty Mental Health Services

Acute Care

For individuals in crisis, intensive, short-term treatment is available at psychiatric hospitals. Acute care can evaluate, diagnose and stabilize acute symptoms following emergency episodes in which individuals may pose a risk to themselves and others.

Children: PA
Adolescents: PA

Treatment in Residential Settings

For individuals in need of 24-hour, out-of-home services, our residential treatment programs provide the resources needed to meet an individual's behavioral health treatment, as well as social and educational goals.

Children: AZ, CT, FL, GAMA, PA, TX
Adolescents: AZ, CT, FL, GA, MA, PA, TX
Adults: CATX  

Community-Based Living

Numerous community-based services and supports provide more independent living options for individuals to reside within their communities, whether in group homes, lifesharing or supported apartments. 

Adolescents: FL, GAMA
Adults: CA  

Outpatient and Other Specialized Services

These specialized services are designed to meet each individual's treatment needs in the least restrictive environment possible. In addition to outpatient counseling, services may include wrap-around, respite, clinical and educational assessments, family counseling, medication management, and parent and sibling consultations.

Children:  AZ, DE, FLPA, RI
Adolescents: AZ, DEFLPA, RI

Special Education Day Schools

Devereux day schools offer high quality, innovative special education programs within a structured environment that prepare students for returning to their local educational communities. Students receive individualized interventions based on their unique needs. Support services and a therapeutic environment enhance the educational, behavioral, emotional, and social development of children and adolescents. Our interventions emphasize Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

Children: AZ, CO, CT, FL, GAMA, PA, TX  
Adolescents: AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, MA, PA, TX  

Foster Care

Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to give each individual the opportunity for success. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health’s Therapeutic Foster Care programs provide services to a diverse population of at-risk children and their families. We use a multi-disciplinary team approach that embraces each child's unique potential and emphasizes innovative program development and clinical excellence. Foster care services include intensive clinical intervention, traditional foster care, respite services and case management for children in the foster care system.

Children:  AZ, FL, GA, MA, NJ
Adolescents:  AZ, FL, GA, MA, NJ

Employment and Transition Services

Devereux offers a host of employment services and supports to transition-age youth and adults including: prevocational training, community supported employment, and pre-employment day programs. All programs are designed to foster community inclusion and develop living and communication skills.

Adolescents:  CT, FL, GA, MA, PA, TX
Adults: CA