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Foster Parent Resources and Support Services

foster care parentDevereux’s foster parents and providers are a critical part of each foster individual’s “team,” and are trained to: 1) provide a nurturing, caring and structured environment within their homes, and 2) care for those who may have challenging behaviors or special needs. Foster parents and providers have the opportunity to make a meaningful and positive difference in someone’s life. Devereux provides coaching and ongoing support to all foster families.

We understand that the decision to foster is a difficult one, not made lightly, and we are committed to ensuring every foster family is successful. All Devereux foster parents and providers receive support from a variety of resources to prevent and reduce stress and family crisis, including*:

  • Free training and support groups. Our staff work with foster families every step of the way to help them with any challenges they may face. Existing foster families also act as a source of support for new families.
  • Frequent consultation with our knowledgeable staff who have expertise working with individuals with emotional, behavioral and/or cognitive differences
  • Comprehensive mental health services, which can include individual, group and family therapy; case management; and psychiatric services; medical care is paid by the state*
  • Paid respite care (short-term support) and financial assistance to help with the individual’s food, clothing and personal allowance.* All of our foster care programs provide a stipend to the family for the cost of fostering. We also support foster families in accessing medical care in the community.

Note: This service may not be available in all Devereux centers. Please visit our center pages for more information.

At Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, it is our policy to practice nondiscrimination in services. All activities with regard to referrals, admissions, placement of individuals and provision of services are conducted without regard to race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is proud to recruit, train and support LGBTQ+ foster parents, some of whom later become adoptive parents.

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