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Devereux California Programs

Adult Residential Program

Devereux Santa Barbara's Adult Residential Program provides a wide range of programs, from intensive, highly structured services, to programs which promote increasing independence. The primary goal of the adult residential program is to maximize the independent functioning of each resident to the highest level possible though the development of social and daily living skills. Residential settings include Supported Living Services in their own residences, off-campus for independent living. Stimulating and productive recreational and instructional activities are provided in both community and home settings. Devereux Santa Barbara's Adult Residential Program serves adults who have the diagnosis of a developmental disability and/or a psychological disorder. Each of the adult residential programs is briefly described below.

Adult Day Services

The Adult Day Services program at Devereux Santa Barbara provides a continuum of services to adults age 18 or older. These services are designed to address behavioral, psychological, neurological, and intellectual impairments that preclude an individual from fully realizing his or her potential.

The continuum of services is composed of three programs: These programs are based on the premise that persons with special needs can attain productive, meaningful, and satisfying lifestyles according to their interest, aptitudes, and abilities, within the least restrictive environment.

All programs promote movement of individuals to more advanced day program settings. Initially, individualized objectives are developed based on assessment of the individual's current functioning levels. Consequently, objectives are modified and changed through ongoing assessment of the individual's needs and the individual's rate of skill acquisition. As an individual's progress rarely occurs simultaneously in all areas, part time participation in other day program settings is encouraged. Part time transition is based on the individual's mastery of the exit criteria of the current program setting.

Contact Information

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