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Adult Residential Services

Residential programs on the Devereux Santa Barbara campus are available for varying levels of independence and skill levels for both males and females. Programs include a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) and Adult Residential Facility (ARF) for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults and elders.

The Adult Residential Program provides a wide range of programs, from intensive, highly structured services, to programs which promote increasing independence. These programs provide a warm, caring, positive environment for the individuals residing there. The therapeutic residential programs concentrate on teaching residents and helping them to maintain positive social behaviors and life skills that promote individual self-esteem. Recreation and Independent Living Skill programs are an important part of the milieu. These programs use a cognitive behavioral intervention approach, with age appropriate expectations, as well as a Positive Programming intervention approach. Individual, group and family therapy may be provided as appropriate.

The programs encourage residents to make choices about their activities of daily living, both at home and in the community; to develop lifestyles, skills and interests; and to increase independent use of community resources where possible. These programs focus on resident service outcomes and quality of life issues such as placement in a Supported Living situation, movement to less restrictive settings, maintenance of current level of functioning, medical support for acute or chronic illnesses or end-of-life issues. Program services may include case management, therapy, family advocacy, nutritional counseling, physical fitness and medication support and management.

Respite Services - Santa Barbara Campus

For individuals whose needs are aligned with the Adult Residential Services on the Devereux Santa Barbara campus as described above, Devereux offers temporary support — short-term, therapeutic, residential care for individuals. Respite care, which may benefit both individuals and their families who need a break from their usual routine, can range from a weekend to 21 days per month or longer, as individually determined.

Supported Living/Independent Living Services - In Santa Barbara County

The concept of Supported Living and Independent Living is to provide the support and assistance necessary for an individual with a disability to live in a decent and secure home of his or her own. The philosophy is centered on individual choice and helping the person achieve a role in society that is valued, leading to an improvement in the quality of the person’s life and the treatment received by that person from the community.

An individual in Supported Living and/or Independent Living resides in his or her own home (rented or purchased) and is responsible for paying for rent or mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, transportation, and all other aspects of living in and maintaining a home. Devereux provides the level of support needed for that individual to have a successful, safe life in that home. Support may include assistance with learning and performing necessary daily skills, such as cooking, cleaning, scheduling appointments, finding and taking public transportation, paying bills, working with a budget, accessing the community for recreational and educational opportunities, or supervision for safety. There can be as much, or as little, staff support as is needed for the individual to be successful.

Funding for these services may include a combination of resources, including: Regional Center, SSI, Social Security payments, private insurance, wages from work, retirement income or other individual means.