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Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services program on Devereux’s Santa Barbara campus provides a continuum of services to adults age 18 or older. These services are designed to address behavioral, psychological, neurological, and intellectual impairments that preclude an individual from fully realizing his or her potential.

The continuum of services is composed of three programs:

These programs are based on the premise that persons with special needs can attain productive, meaningful, and satisfying lifestyles according to their interest, aptitudes and abilities, within the least restrictive environment.

All programs promote movement of individuals to more independent day program settings. Initially, individualized objectives are developed based on assessment of the individual's current functioning levels. Consequently, objectives are modified and changed through ongoing assessment of the individual's needs and the individual's rate of skill acquisition.

Community Skills Development Program (CSDP)

(Staffing ratio is 1:3)

This curriculum offers services designed to provide the individual with meaningful activities aimed at developing and maintaining effective anger management, independent living, social, communication, cognitive and vocational skills.

Participants provide input on program decisions and design. Activities include: physical maintenance, personal management, functional academics, computer skills, creative arts, paid work (housekeeping, grounds maintenance, recycling, greenhouse), and community skills development (shopping, transportation, participation in community events). Special emphasis is placed on stress reduction, anger management and communication skills.

Day Training and Activity Center (DTAC)

(Staffing ratio is 1:6)

DTAC is organized into four components: behavior management, social development, personal management/consumer skills and vocational development. Each component offers a broad curriculum to insure that appropriate services are available to all participants. The continuum of training contained in each component provides for individual advancement following the necessary skill acquisition.
  • Behavior Management This component offers services designed to assist individuals in the development of effective behavior management skills. These skills are developed through classes designed to enhance stress reduction techniques, coping skills, problem- solving skills and communication skills. Special emphasis is placed on identifying emotions, understanding behavioral triggers, stress reduction, role playing and verbalization of wants and needs. Individualized intervention programs and contracts are implemented as needed.
  • Social Development This component offers services designed to develop and/or enhance social/communication skills. Communication skills training begins at the individual's functioning level and progresses toward active participation in a peer conducted problem solving discussion group.
  • Personal Management/Consumer Skills This component offers services designed to assist individuals in attaining the highest possible level of independence over their personal affairs. This includes grooming and hygiene skills; functional academics; health, safety and survival skills; as well as consumer skills that include: community mobility, money management, shopping skills and use of community resources.
  • Vocational Development This component offers services designed to assist individuals in the development of a worker identity; positive worker characteristics and marketable work skills; as well as adjusting to a work routine. Programming extends from a basic introduction to work and working, to part-time volunteer work or employment in the community. The training curriculum includes career awareness subjects such as work interest, ability assessment, work habit development, and occupational skills training.

Life Enrichment

(Staffing ratio is 1:8)

Life Enrichment is designed for individuals who have reached the age of 45 or older and/or have needs which require participation in "life enrichment" activities. Individuals who, due to their physical and/or emotional needs, are not able to participate in other less restrictive day program settings may also be served in this program.

Participants are provided with meaningful activities aimed at maintaining an active and enriching quality of life. Emphasis is placed on physical maintenance, social-emotional growth and cognitive stimulation. Participants are also encouraged to assume the maximum possible level of responsibility for the fundamental aspects of daily living and to exercise the highest possible level of control over their personal affairs.

Purposeful and constructive activities are personalized to an individual’s interest and level of functioning. The importance of intellectual and social activities is emphasized and these activities are regularly enhanced with scheduled community outings.