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Devereux California

Devereux California - Programs & Services

Devereux California provides programs for adults and elders with developmental/ intellectual disabilities and/or emotional disorders; neurological impairments and autism. Programs include campus-based Residential Services, Adult Day Services and Respite Services; community-based Supported Living and Independent Living Services. Medical and Clinical Services are available.

Devereux California offers an array of services:
Information for Families

For general information about Devereux California, our programs and services, please contact (805) 968-2525 Ext. 1266/1202.


Devereux California Introduces Early Childhood, Resilience-Building Resources during Resilience Conference

Sold Out Conference Held in Collaboration with University of California Santa Barbara and Pacific Coast AEYC

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Devereux California is accredited by "CARF" - the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. After a thorough survey of its programs in March, 2006, Devereux received the CARF certificate which states that Devereux California has met internationally recognized standards of quality in the provision of outcomes-driven programs and services to enhance the lives of the persons served. The current CARF certificate is valid through March 2012.

What is the CARF Process?

"The CARF accreditation process is rooted in peer review, networking, and organizational quality improvement. The CARF on-site survey team of professional peers provides an impartial, external review of an organization's conformance to CARF standards". It is important to note that the surveyors are peers; that is, they hold a variety of professional-level positions in organizations similar to Devereux.

The following contact information is provided for clients of any California Regional Center:
  • CA Department of Developmental Services web site page:
  • CA Department of Developmental Services telephone number: 916-654-1987
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