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Devereux New York Services

Children's Services

Devereux New York's intervention programs are structured according to student's chronologic and developmental ages as well as specific treatment considerations. All individuals' programs are behaviorally-oriented, with collateral psychosocial supports to promote goal-attainment and independence.

Adult Services

Five individual residential alternatives (IRAs) provide residences in the community for small groups of young adults. The program includes supervised living, community integration and participation, social skill development, and heavy involvement in community-based leisure-time activities. Opportunities for meaningful volunteer work in the community, supported work and competitive employment help promote the development of independent living skills and job skills.

Self Advocacy

Speaking up for oneself, making your own decisions and impacting the direction of your life, these are all important components to self-advocacy. Self-Advocacy has proven to be a very valuable resource for the individuals at Devereux NY. Devereux currently has two self-advocacy groups; the adult advocacy group in our community programs and our student advocacy that was created in our residential school.