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Devereux New York Services

Devereux New York - Services

Children's Services

Devereux New York's intervention programs are structured according to student's chronologic and developmental ages as well as specific treatment considerations. All individuals' programs are behaviorally-oriented, with collateral psychosocial supports to promote goal-attainment and independence.

A multidisciplinary treatment team approach insures the development of realistic goals and objectives in all areas of functioning. All individuals are comprehensively assessed in their initial thirty days of acceptance into the program, and the collected information/data is used to develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Progress reports are issued at the quarterly, semi-annual, and annual points, with specific intensive interventions being monitored even more frequently. An individual's Case Manager coordinates the development, implementation and monitoring of treatment plans/outcome on an ongoing basis throughout the length of the placement.

The therapeutic milieu at Devereux New York embraces a positive approaches philosophy utilizing behavioral interventions at the micro and macro levels. Each individual's treatment is developed in accord with their ISP and may include any combination of the following clinical services:
  • Psychiatric, Psychological, and Educational Services (including pre-vocational and vocational opportunities)
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapies (including skills-building groups as well as more process-oriented groups for specific subpopulations, such as survivors of sexual abuse)
  • Behavioral Management
  • Family Support
  • Life Skills Development
  • Community-based Experiences and Interventions
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies
  • Medical, Dental and Nutritional Services

Millwood Learning Center

Located in Westchester County, the Center provides year-round, full-day, intensive educational and behavioral interventions to students with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. Click here for more information about the Millwood Learning Center.

Millwood Learning Center
12 Schumann Road
Millwood, NY 105046
(914) 941-1991

Devereux New York Adult Services

Residential Program Five individual residential alternatives (IRAs) provide residences in the community for small groups of young adults. The program includes supervised living, community integration and participation, social skill development, and heavy involvement in community-based leisure-time activities. Opportunities for meaningful volunteer work in the community, supported work and competitive employment help promote the development of independent living skills and job skills.

Day Habilitation Individual habilitation services are provided in a community setting for young adults. This program offers work training experiences through community volunteer work for non-profit agencies and organizations, travel training; recreation and community awareness/integration, regular contact with family and friends, social interaction, awareness of others, relaxation exercises, the development and support of hobbies and other special interest/leisure time activities.

Case Management Case Management includes: Service Coordination for men and women eligible to receive benefits under the Home-and-Community-based Waiver, working with families and the individual to assure maximum benefit from services available in the community, and helping to develop individual and family supports to achieve a full and satisfying life for people with developmental disabilities. This service strives to promote self-determination in the individual's choice of vision, goals and pace of program and to assist the individual in finding new ways to add possibilities for that person and that vision.

Medicaid Service Coordination Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) is a Medicaid State Plan licensed under the auspices of OPWDD. Medicaid Service Coordinators assist individuals with developmental disabilities in accessing necessary services and supports based on individual needs. MSC services are provided by qualified, credentialed, and knowledgeable service coordinators who are dedicated to linking individuals with services they want and need.

Devereux Service Coordinators provide advocacy services with SSI/SSD, Medicaid, Food Stamps, School Districts, and other service providers. Our MSCs use person-centered planning when developing, implementing, and maintaining the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Additionally, Devereux MSCs assist individuals with accessing services such as day programs, residential programs, medical services, employment opportunities, and many other services that individuals and their families may need or desire.

In light of recent state changes, Devereux will provide additional MSC services to individuals residing in the Hudson Valley Region. Although we are located in Red Hook, NJ, we have an additional location in Millwood, NY. We intend to provide a full-time MSC for individuals residing in Orange, Rockland, and Westchester Counties. This MSC will be located at our Millwood program and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional MSC services to you and your family.

For additional Information and assistance, please contact:

Jennifer Tompeck, MSW
Director of MSC Services
(845) 331-1660 extension 206

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