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Self Advocacy

Speaking up for oneself, making your own decisions and impacting the direction of your life, these are all important components to self-advocacy. Self-Advocacy has proven to be a very valuable resource for the individuals at Devereux NY. Devereux currently has two self-advocacy groups; the adult advocacy group in our community programs and our student advocacy that was created in our residential school.

Our adult self-advocacy group meets monthly to discuss their initiatives and plan events. Currently one initiative the group is focused on is to learn and share information about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. The group has decided to participate in more state wide advocacy events and learning experiences. The group continues to grow and works hard to spread the message of the importance of self-advocacy.

The student advocacy group S.W.A.G. (Students Who Advocate Group) is a student run group with supports from clinical and case management staff. The group teaches the meaning of advocacy and how to advocate for real-life issues impacting them. SWAG learns through experience by conducting polls, using letter campaigns, organizing fundraising events and speaking with Devereux Center leadership.

The students and adults feel empowered by their hard work and proud of their accomplishments and we are pleased to support this important endeavor.