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Devereux's #GivingTuesday
This December 1st, you can join Devereux in the #GivingTuesday celebration, and help contribute to the lives of some of our society’s most vulnerable citizens.
Devereux Saved Me
Watch Devereux’s newest film, showcasing the groundbreaking work Devereux is doing for children and teens in need of child welfare supports and acute psychiatric services.
Devereux - A Story of Family
At the heart of the Devereux story is family.
Who We Help
Family engagement is one of the most important building blocks in successful treatments and outcomes.
Autism Success Story
Through the Devereux programs, Annie and her family are able to address the challenges of Autism.
Devereux's Legacy
Devereux celebrated its Centennial Anniversary in 2012.
Devereux changes lives and nurtures human potential. We inspire hope, ensure well-being, and promote meaningful life choices.

November is Adoption Awareness Month

Through your gift you contribute to our mission to help people of all abilities achieve happiness and fulfillment.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Each year, the Departments of Health and Human Services focus on a particular issue surrounding the topic of child welfare and adoption. This year’s theme is “We Never Outgrow the Need for Family,” a reference to the roughly 85,000 older youth in the foster care system, in need of permanent families.

This is an important message, as older youth adopted from foster care are more likely to finish high school, attend college, or find employment than their counterparts who age out of foster care. Research on positive youth development confirms that children and youth have the ability to overcome traumatic experiences and thrive in adulthood when they are connected to a strong, permanent support system.

Youth ages 15 to 18 make up 5 percent of the foster care population 84,778 kids.

- according to Children's Bureau

"Devereux has positively changed my life."

News and Events

Bridget O’Neill and Justin Simons
From the New York Times, and inspiring love story of two young Devereux New Jersey foster parents, who fostered 13 children over three years, before tying the knot last week.
The video, titled, “Devereux Saved Me,” features emotional stories of two youth in need of services and support, one of whom is transgender, and were welcomed by Devereux with open arms.
Devereux Hope Gala 2015

On October 15, 2015 four hundred and fifty guests followed “Into the Woods” at the Devereux Hope Gala at The Crystal Tea Room in Center City, Philadelphia to benefit Devereux Pennsylvania’s programs.

In addition to raising funds for Devereux’s programs in southeast Pennsylvania, the Hope Gala also raises awareness of the need and significance of the groundbreaking work Devereux is doing for extremely vulnerable populations of children and youth, and their families, in need of child welfare supports or even acute psychiatric services.

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