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Support Groups

  • Parent Training Group: Provides parents of individuals with autism/behavioral challenges, a guided group to discuss behavior analysis, principles and procedures. Parents who participate in this group will have an opportunity to ask questions; obtain support from fellow parents; and learn more about ABA, its uses, and misconceptions that often occur regarding its use.
  • Parent Support Group: A traditional support group, open to families/caregivers of individuals with autism and/or behavioral challenges. This group provides parents an opportunity to share successes, difficulties, ideas and support.
  • Parent Training Group for Families of Young Adults on the Spectrum: Provides support and training to parents of young adults with autism spectrum disorder. This group is designed to help individuals who are working to achieve independence in education, daily living, employment and/or independent living.
  • Parent Support Group for Families of Children with Feeding Difficulties: Provides support, training and information to parents of individuals with feeding challenges. This group gives parents an opportunity to share successes, challenges, ideas and support, and learn about the behavioral approach to feeding challenges.

The SPARC Difference: As a nonprofit, SPARC believes it is essential that we continue to find ways to provide ongoing support for our community. SPARC offers free support groups for our families, as well as community members. Our hope is that at least one of these groups will provide families an opportunity to find support, answers, acceptance and help from SPARC therapists and fellow families.