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Adult Services

Ages: 25 and older

SPARC offers one-on-one and family services to address skill-building and communication challenges for adults with autism. We work with the individual (and family, if needed) to develop individualized intervention programs that focus on areas, including: daily living skills, executive functioning (e.g., organization, time-management, problem-solving, prioritizing), and social relationships (e.g., making/maintaining friendships, appropriate communication).

In addition, SPARC provides therapy services, as needed, to parents of individuals. We offer therapeutic services to address anxiety, depression or other mental health disorders, particularly as they may relate to parenting a child with special needs.

The SPARC Difference: SPARC’s therapists work with adults to develop goals that will help them engage with their environment in the most productive way possible. We recognize that most individuals who are seeking our services as adults, most often, were not diagnosed with autism until they were an adult. So, while navigating therapy might not be new to them, navigating it with someone who understands how autism can affect daily functioning might be. SPARC not only works with the individual, but also with his or her family to provide training and support.

SPARC staff understand how stressful and difficult it can be for parents and families to successfully integrate applied behavior analytic treatments into daily life. SPARC therapists are uniquely qualified to provide individual counseling for parents, while understanding the complex behavioral protocols that are needed for their children.