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SPARClers Early Education Program

Ages: 2 to 6 years old

SPARClers is a preschool program that prepares children for the classroom environment, helping them build solid foundations for learning, socializing and independence. This program includes both group and individualized instruction. As with all of our group programs, SPARClers focuses on both the individual, his/her strengths and needs, and the needs of the group as a whole. SPARClers runs similar to a preschool classroom. However, in addition to having a lead therapist/teacher, each child works one-on-one with a student intern to implement individualized behavior plans.

The SPARC Difference: SPARClers is designed to teach each child how to learn and behave in a structured learning environment. The program bridges the gap between traditional 1:1 wraparound services and large group settings such as pre- or elementary school settings. Children with autism or significant behavioral and/or learning challenges have a high likelihood of requiring a high level of support, both inside and outside of structured learning environments. SPARClers aims to address preventatively the common challenges surrounding communication, compliance, self-regulation and individualized instruction.