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Behavioral Interventions

Ages: 6 months through adulthood

SPARC offers one-on-one services to address skill building and behavioral challenges. We develop individualized intervention programs that address a variety of areas, including: behavior challenges (e.g., tantrums, non-compliance, aggression, self-injury, disruption); daily living skills (e.g., chores, dressing, toileting, sleeping, establishing routines); executive functioning (e.g., organization, time-management, problem-solving, prioritizing); and social relationships (e.g., making/maintaining friendships, appropriate communication). Individualized treatment plans may include individual and/or family counseling and/or social skills groups.

The SPARC Difference: The typical behavioral consultation model involves the consultant observing, assessing and then developing a plan to be implemented by others. Often those tasked with executing the plan do not have the necessary training or skillsets to implement the plan with fidelity, or assess and modify plans as needed. This leads to ineffective treatment and, often, worsening of behavior. At SPARC, our staff are hands-on. Our treatment plans and protocols are tested, assessed, and analyzed by SPARC staff. As plans are proven to be successful, SPARC works concurrently on two areas: training family, staff and schools on interventions, while continuing to assess progress through data.