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Mission, Values, Clinical Model

Our Mission

We believe all individuals have unique strengths and needs. We strive to provide comprehensive therapeutic services to facilitate social, academic and personal growth, while supporting individuals and their families as they navigate the maze of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

SPARC is dedicated to providing student interns with comprehensive and effective training in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This, in turn, will benefit the community we serve by increasing qualified professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in ABA across disciplines.

Our Core Values

  • Self-determination: We help individuals with behavioral challenges develop skills that will lead to greater independence and more fulfilling and rewarding lives.
  • Collaboration: We ensure treatment effectiveness by engaging in open communication and collaboration with our community partners.
  • Treatment efficacy: We pursue continuous personal improvement and professional development opportunities to advance our services and the lives of those in our care.
  • Family support: We work directly with families to achieve successful treatment and outcomes for their family member.
  • Training: We provide comprehensive and effective training to undergraduate and graduate students in all related fields to build capacity of trained service providers in our community.
  • Not-For-Profit: We provide exceptional and affordable treatment to families through active fundraising and community support.

Our Clinical Model

SPARC offers empirically-validated behavioral treatment programs to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders, as well as those with a variety of behavioral concerns or other developmental disabilities. All of SPARC’s services utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA strategies focus on reinforcing skills, modifying an environment, teaching to naturally occurring cues to support the development of independence.

Individualized Behavior Support Plans (BSPs) are developed for individuals in our care who demonstrate problem behaviors that interfere with daily life. Support plans focus on: 1) preventing problem behaviors; 2) teaching appropriate replacement behaviors, and 3) providing reinforcement for appropriate, prosocial behaviors.

The clinical director oversees clinical operations and supervises staff. Staff, in turn, provide direct supervision to student interns. Training and supervision are ongoing at SPARC for both staff and student interns.

University Student Training

Devereux SPARC is a teaching clinic with a long history of partnership with West Chester University and Temple University. SPARC also has students from other universities, including Villanova, Penn State and Immaculata. SPARC welcomes student interns from a variety of majors including psychology, special education, communicative disorders, nutrition, adaptive physical education, social work and other related disciplines. Student interns are able to fulfill field experience, research and volunteer requirements, while gaining valuable training in the field of behavior challenges and behavior analysis.