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Social Skills Classes

Ages: 4 to 16 years old

SPARC’s social skills training teaches individuals critical social skills in a small group setting. A child is paired with two to four other children who demonstrate similar skill levels. Our team will review the child’s current individualized education plan and conduct in-person observations/assessments. We then develop lesson plans to teach new skills, and collect data during each session to monitor the child’s progress and modify lesson plans, as needed. After the completion of this program, families will receive a data-based report on their child’s progress. This report can be used in conjunction with the child’s school program to help shape additional goals.

The SPARC Difference: At SPARC, our social skills groups do not take the typical “theme of the week” approach, in which all participants work on the same goals regardless of their individual strengths and needs. Rather, for school-aged participants, SPARC’s team reviews each participant’s individualized education or service plan (IEP/ISP) and conducts assessments to determine initial treatment goals. Lesson plans are developed to teach new skills, incorporating all of the group members’ individual goals. We collect data during each session to monitor progress and modify lesson plans, as needed.