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Accessing Services

Devereux Pennsylvania offers a full continuum of care for individuals with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences. We have dedicated admissions and referral staff for each of our centers and areas of specialty. Please reference the contact information below for your area of interest/need.

Adult Services

Deb Sulli
Admissions Department
139 Leopard Road
Berwyn, PA 19380 
Phone: (610) 251-2017/(610) 251-2018
Fax: (610) 251-2060

Autism Programs for Adults

CAAPP (Community Adult Autism Partnership Program)
CAAPP Ascent Program

Kate Langston Rooney - (610) 710-4026

Children's Services

Acute Psychiatric Hospital Admissions:
Admission services are available 24/7.
1(800) 935-6789 (Options 1)
John Mogaka - Lead Admissions Coordinator 
Nicole Jerlinski - Clinical Supervisor

Residential Programs:
Admissions and Utilization Review Manager: (610) 431-8191
Admissions Department Fax Number: (610) 430-0567

Brandywine and Mapleton Schools
Erik Roussel, Education Director

The Devereux School for Integrated Learning
Susan Nice, Education Director

The CARES School
(610) 873-4918

Case Management Services 
Call: (610) 422-1490

Family-based Services 
Call: (610) 422-1490

Outpatient Services 
Call: (610) 422-1490

Autism Programs for Children and Adolescents

Autism Intensive Residential Services (Neurobehavioral Unit)
Kelly McCool - (610) 431-8191
Erin Thomas - (610) 431-8126

Devereux CARES (Center for Autism Research and Educational Services) 

Devereux CARES Ascent Program
Kate Langston Rooney - (610) 710-4026

Wraparound Services 
Crissy Auger - (610) 688-1205 

Devereux Pocono 

John Gething
Admissions Department
1547 Mill Creek Rd.
Newfoundland, PA 18445
Phone: (570) 839-6147
Fax: (717) 676-4792