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Foster Parent Resources

Devereux understands providing support for our foster parents is important in order to ensure successful placement. Our foster parents receive support from a variety of resources to prevent and reduce foster parent stress and family crisis, including respite care, training, staff consultation, child expenses and crisis intervention. 

Support services include:

  • Training and support groups for the foster family
  • Services to help the foster child adjust to new surroundings
  • Frequent meetings with Devereux Staff
  • Financial Assistance to help cover the cost of the child’s food, clothing and personal allowance
  • Comprehensive mental health services for the child
  • All necessary medical care for the child is paid by the state
  • Respite care

Below are some additional resources you may find helpful:

  • Devereux Foster Parent Handbook – includes general information, guidelines, answers and information to assist foster parents in caring for children in foster care.