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Foster Parent Benefits

There are many benefits of becoming a foster parent. Most of all, you are helping children live better lives. You’re actively removing them from unsafe environments and providing them with the stability and loving family environment they are seeking. Even if you only have a child for a few months, you have the ability to impact them for a lifetime by teaching him or her lifelong lessons and setting positive examples for how healthy families should function. 

Foster Parents receive financial compensation for the cost of fostering the child from the State of Florida/Community Based Care to care for their foster children. Ongoing foster parent skills training is offered on a monthly basis by Devereux, as well as, yearly re-licensure studies.

Periodically throughout the year Devereux Florida hosts special events to benefit our foster parents and to show them our appreciation. Periodically special discounts and donated goods are also given to Foster Parents through Devereux’s corporate partners.