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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: I am a single person. Can I become a foster parent?

Yes. Single persons and married couples can be accepted as foster parents.

Q: Do I have to own my home?


Q: As a foster parent can I work outside the home?

Yes. However, if the foster child requires day care, the foster parent may be responsible for a portion of that expense. In addition, children with special needs may require a stay-at-home parent.  If so, the foster parent will receive increased pay to stay home with the child.

Q: Do foster children have to have their own bedroom?

In most cases, foster children can share a bedroom with another child of the same gender.

Q: Can I choose the age of the foster child?

Yes. However, children and youth in the most need are sibling groups or adolescents between the age of 11 and 16.

Q: Is financial assistance available?

Foster parents receive a monthly reimbursement that helps cover the cost of food, clothing and other basic needs of children and youth in care. Devereux Specialized and Therapeutic Foster Care parents are considered professional parents. Therefore, they receive additional compensation.

Q: What about medical insurance for foster children?

Medicaid covers the cost of medical, dental and counseling services for children and youth in care. 

Q: Can I take the foster child on vacation with me?

Yes, with the social worker’s permission or with respite care arranged.

Q: How long does a child stay in the foster home?

Depending on the circumstances, a child may be placed in a foster home for one day or for many months. Placement is for as long as it takes to achieve a permanent placement for the child; whether the plan is for reunification with the child’s family, placement with relatives or adoption.

Q: Can I adopt a foster child in my home?

The goal is to reunify a child with his/her family. In the event that the child cannot return home or be placed with other relatives, foster parents may be considered as adoptive parents.

Q: What if I try it and it doesn’t work out?

Pre-placement visits are conducted whenever possible to ensure a good match of child and family, as well as ongoing support from Devereux staff. However, if necessary, Devereux will find another home for the child within 30 days.

Q: Why should I choose Devereux?

Devereux’s expertise is in working with those with special needs, and has credentialed staff to provide the extra support. A foster parent can remain working with familiar staff, and change the type of child they want to work with, as well as move up to increased compensation.

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