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Targeted Case Management

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida offers Targeted Case Management to help children and their families through family challenges and crisis. Devereux Targeted Case Managers work closely with the child, their family and, if needed, the child’s dependency case manager to determine the needs of each child or family. Targeted Case Managers work with issues that are outside the scope of dependency case management and/or advocate for the needs of our youth living at home, in the community or in residential programs.

This program is designed to enhance the child’s functioning within the home, school, and community.  Targeted Case Managers meet with the child and family regularly to assess the child’s needs and strengths, advocate for the child, link the child to appropriate services and monitor those services to determine any further needs. They are instrumental in supporting adolescents through the transition to adult services and working with children who need prescribed psychotropic medications. In addition, targeted case managers play a key role in working with families who may be exploring the option of intensive residential treatment.

Who qualifies for Targeted Case Management?

The child or adolescent receiving services must have appropriate Medicaid funding. The client must be under 18 and have a mental health diagnosis. This is a pre-authorized service that is billed under the child’s mental health diagnosis.


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To make a referral or for more information on Devereux’s Targeted Case Management, call (321)441-1030.