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Diabetes Management Program

At Devereux, we believe it is important to assist our clients in gaining knowledge and control of their illness to reduce risks of long term physical and psychological complications.  The Devereux Florida Viera Campus has earned the reputation for being able to work with children and adolescents with very severe behavioral problems, in combination with diabetic health concerns.

Diabetes is an illness characterized by the inability of the person’s body to regulate their blood glucose level. This can result in both physical and behavioral challenges.  A youngster with diabetes may exhibit irritability, depression, anxiety, anger and fear resulting in non-compliance with managing their diabetes.

Devereux Florida teaches children with diabetes how to take control of their illness.  This is accomplished with individual and group teaching concerning diabetes management, as well as assistance with diet and exercise programs.  Children work one-on-one with a nurse and dietician who teach each child the importance of a healthy diet and how to maintain good nutrition.  All teaching is done by qualified professionals utilizing materials that are age and developmentally appropriate.  Behavioral staff also assist in monitoring and encouraging compliance toward diabetic health.  Treatment and education may include (but is not limited to) recognizing the warning signs of high or low blood sugar, how to monitor blood glucose levels, education about their medications and why they work, the value of exercise and activity, education regarding the potential health risks associated with diabetes and for clients on insulin therapy as well as education on how to give daily injections themselves.

Through the treatment at Devereux Florida, many clients with type 2 diabetes have already been able to lose weight and adopt an exercise routine so they no longer require medication.

Providing medical oversight for this program is John A. Duncan, MD, a board certified pediatrician and board certified pediatric endocrinologist.

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