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Children's Bill of Rights

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida supports the concept that each patient is an individual and is respected as a person. Each patient has the right to comprehensive, compassionate, family-centered care that will be provided by an interdisciplinary team and directed by a physician and/or therapist. We utilize an approach that provides sensitive and flexible care that respects the developmental, psychological, emotional, and social needs of children, adolescents and their families.

As part of our commitment to the needs of our young patients, the Devereux Florida Children's Bill of Rights is prominently displayed - and followed - throughout our programs and services.

Yes, You Have the Right:

  • To be respected at all times.
  • To dignity, privacy and humane care.
  • To be involved in your treatment.
  • To know what kind of medication you may be taking and to understand what the medication is for – and to receive prompt and appropriate medical care.
  • To communicate by phone, mail or visitation within the reasonable rules of this program.
  • To have clothes and personal items, unless they are removed for safety or medical reasons.
  • Not to participate in experimental research.
  • To have your clinical record kept confidential at this program.
  • To have information communicated to you (verbally and written) in your native language.
  • To call the ABUSE HOTLINE at 1-800-962-2873 if you feel any staff person here has threatened you, hit you or asked you to do anything sexual; the Human Rights Advocacy Committee 1-800-342-0825 and/or the Disability Rights Florida 1-800-342-0823. You should always report anything that really bothers you to the program director or your therapist.
  • To quick responses to questions.
  • To know who is treating you.
  • To know the rules and regulations of your program.
  • To report any complaint you may have regarding these rights by using the grievance procedure.
  • To contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report any unresolved concerns or register a complaint call, 1-800-994-6610 or e-mail