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Devereux Kids, established in 1999, is a self-supporting primary prevention and diversion program of Devereux Florida. Our mission is to engage communities, strengthen families and protect children. Believing that everyone has a part and every part makes a difference, Devereux Kids offers community learning programs and facilitation services to teach positive intervention and community advocacy skills to neighborhood groups, faith communities, grassroots organizations and interested residents. People can have a positive impact on children and families just by knowing their neighbors, keeping their eyes and ears open, and offering support and assistance to parents who are experiencing stressful situations.

Community Facilitation: Community facilitators work with communities to identify resources, build relationships, establish connections, determine gaps in services, and make subsequent recommendations for prevention and diversion services. Using a strengths-based approach, our facilitators assist communities in building upon, coordinating and strengthening existing prevention efforts; involving parents and community residents in decisions that impact them; identifying and using existing traditional and non traditional resources; promoting effective use of resources; and promoting strategies that connect services with each other.

Our prevention and diversion strategies are designed to involve parents and community residents in training, relationship building and skill development to increase the safety and well-being of children, youth and families. Our integrated strategies include planning, education and training, parent and resident involvement, prevention network facilitation, and community engagement.

Community Involvement: Communities are strengthened when residents know each other, have a sense of community identity, acknowledge and celebrate differences, and are actively involved in seeking solutions to community issues. Devereux Kids’ programs build the capacity of community residents to become more involved in activities that promote safety and well being for children. Through community facilitation and community learning, residents acquire new awareness and skills that strengthen relationships, social networks and connections that promote healthy families, safer neighborhoods, and stronger communities.

Community Learning: All of Devereux Kids program sites provide community education as an engagement strategy to build awareness of the needs of residents and to promote advocacy and support among members of the larger community.

Community Engagement: An expected outcome of all of our prevention and diversion strategies is a network of people and organizations committed to improving their community and creating services and activities that promote child/youth and community well being.

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