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Application Review

Prior to submitting an application, prospective intern candidates should visit the Devereux website to obtain an overview the Professional Psychology Internship Training Program. While on the site, prospective candidates should carefully read the description of each training track to determine interest and compatibility. Candidates can apply to up to two training tracks.

If the decision is to complete an application, applicants must identify no more than two tracks of interest in which to apply. Applicants should submit an application using the APPI Online Applicant Portal by November 1 and carefully coordinate their track selection from the Devereux website with the APPI request to select programs or tracks. Prospective candidates should then download the brochure describing the internship.

Following the November 1 application deadline, the APPI Selection Portal is made available to all members of the Devereux Internship Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is comprised of primary supervisors from each training track. Each member of the Selection Committee will review applications for his or her particular track (based on the candidate’s preference). A final list of approximately 12 to 15 candidates is prepared by each track supervisor.

Notifications of interviews are sent to candidates by email no later than Dec. 7. Once notified, candidates will be given instructions to arrange an interview date. All interviews are conducted in January using a virtual format. Candidates not selected for an interview will be notified by email within 10 days after the Dec. 7 deadline.

Approximately five days are set aside for interviews during the month of January. On the day of the interview, intern candidates will meet virtually with the primary supervising psychologist at their sites of interest. At that time, the candidate will have an opportunity to meet with supplemental supervisors, as well as the current intern.

Once the interviews conclude, primary supervising psychologists submit a ranking of interviewed applicants to the director of training. In collaboration with the supervising psychologists, a final Rank Order List of applicants is prepared by the director of training for the National Matching Service (NMS). The final Rank Order List is submitted to the NMS by the submission deadline. In addition to the fit between the applicant’s preparation, goals and training experiences, other factors to be considered in rank ordering candidates are:

  • Enthusiasm for internship training
  • Openness to new learning experiences
  • Openness to supervision
  • The candidate’s candor, insight, sense of humor, and interpersonal skills demonstrated during the interview
  • Consideration and support shown to other intern candidates during the interview day.

In all respects, the internship selection procedures shall comply with APPIC guidelines.