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Supportive Behavioral Supervision

Tools and Strategies for the Supervision of Direct Care Staff 

Effective training and supervision are essential to the satisfactory performance of direct care/direct support staff. In order to best promote staff’s mastery, retention and use of trained skills and competencies, Devereux has developed an evidence-based performance improvement model termed Supportive Behavioral Supervision (SBS). SBS provides trainers, mentors, lead staff, supervisors and managers with an evidence-based methodology for training and supervising direct care/direct support staff in their performance of defined job responsibilities. The SBS model employs the principles of performance management, namely:

  • Operationalizing staff performance responsibilities
  • Applying antecedent and consequence supervisory procedures.
  • Providing performance monitoring and feedback.

The SBS model has been used and evaluated in Devereux treatment centers with favorable results. Several outcome studies were conducted to measure its effectiveness. In addition to high satisfaction ratings from program participants, data have demonstrated an increase in staff’s on-the-job performance as well as a decrease in injuries and restraints.

By providing trainers and supervisors with an effective supervisory model and the tools and strategies with which to implement it, Supportive Behavioral Supervision aims to promote the transfer of learning, enhance the performance of staff, and in turn, positively impact the support, care and treatment of the individuals served.

DCTR Model of Supportive Behavioral Supervision