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Program Offerings

Devereux DCTR has provided training and consultation to thousands of professionals. Its team of experts can examine and discuss with you your organizational practices and needs to determine suitable options and recommendations. The following programs are offered:

Safe & Positive Approaches® Curricular components include:

Part 1 - Staff Effectiveness Training:

Presents strategies to prevent and defuse crisis situations, methods of intervening using a non-physical approach, and an examination of staff behavior and its effect on individuals served.

Part 2 - Safety Techniques Training:

Presents safe and effective techniques that help to protect and minimize the risk of injury when someone is being physically threatened or harmed, and verbal intervention alone is not successful.

Part 3 - Personal Emergency Interventions Training:

Provides staff with safe and effective control procedures used as a last-resort in emergency crisis situations when less-restrictive options are neither effective nor appropriate.

The Supervision of Safe & Positive Approaches:

A supplemental training program for lead staff, first-line supervisors, trainers, nurses and clinicians, designed to promote staff’s use, mastery and retention of trained concepts and skills.

Additional offerings include:

Supportive Behavioral Supervision:

An evidence-based performance improvement model for the training and supervision of first-line staff (based on the principles of performance management), and the tools and strategies with which the model is implemented.

Suicide Prevention (QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer).

A training program developed by the QPR Institute that raises awareness and teaches basic intervention steps for suicide prevention: question, persuade and refer.