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About Us


Publication Supports the Efficacy of the Safe & Positive Approaches® Program

A study published in the journal, Residential Treatment For Children & Youth, examined the effectiveness of Devereux's Safe & Positive Approaches® (S&PA) training curricula in the reduction of injury and restraint. Several data points were collected including utilization rates of restrictive interventions, number of youth injuries, number of staff injuries, and whether the program/organization is a user or non-user of S&PA. The results demonstrated statistically significant differences between S&PA users and non-S&PA users in utilization rates of restrictive interventions, youth injury, staff injury as well as significant and positive correlations between restraint utilization and related injury.

Russell, M., Maher, C., Dorrell, M., Pitcher, C., Henderson, L. (2009). A Comparison Between Users and Non-users of Devereux's Safe and Positive Approaches® Training Curricula in the Reduction of Injury and Restraint. Residential Treatment For Children Youth. 26 (3) 209-220.


Direct Care Training Resources (DCTR) Staff

Sean Murphy, MAIOP
National Senior Manager

Sean Murphy joined the Devereux Institute of Clinical and Professional Training and Research (ICPTR) staff in July 2022 and serves as the National Senior Manager of Direct Care Training Resources. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Arcadia University and a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Wester Chester University.

Sean has more than 20 years of experience in working with children, youth, adults and families in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Prior to joining the DCTR team, he held a leadership role in training and professional development for the state of New Jersey. Sean also served as the organizational development and learning manager for Devereux New Jersey, and worked on clinical and human resources teams for other behavioral healthcare providers in the tri-state area.

Sean’s approach to partnering with clients has been shaped by decades of building and leading high-performing organizational development and learning teams. As a coach with clients that range from executives to emerging leaders, he has earned a reputation as both a catalyst for inspiring authentic leadership and igniting positive change. He has a wide range of experience designing, planning and facilitating training programs for behavioral health and education professionals, care providers, clinicians and supervisory staff. He is a certified Safe & Positive Approaches® trainer.

Sean’s primary areas of interest include organizational behavior management practices that improve staff performance, reduction and elimination of restraints, transfer of learning and sustainability, and organizational systems analysis.


David W. Lockwood, M.Ed.
ational Training Specialist

David Lockwood has been a member of the Devereux Direct Care Training Resources team since May 2015. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Millersville University and a Master of Education degree in Instructional Systems from Pennsylvania State University. 

Dave has worked in the behavioral healthcare field in various youth-serving settings. In his early career he gained valuable hands-on experience in his roles as a direct care professional and staff trainer. 

Since joining Devereux in 1998, Dave has served as a group home supervisor, program manager, training and compliance coordinator, and behavior support manager at the Children’s Behavioral Health Services Center. Most recently, he served as a recruitment specialist and as the learning manager for the Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services Center. Dave has been actively involved in a number of workforce safety, compliance, and learning and performance initiatives.

Dave has extensive experience developing and conducting training programs for direct care, supervisory and clinical staff, as well as expertise in eLearning course design. His numerous trainer certifications include Safe and Positive Approaches®, New Directions, QPR for Suicide Prevention and American Red Cross CPR & First Aid.

Dave’s primary areas of interest are crisis prevention and intervention, personal safety and self-defense, safety initiatives, and online courseware development.


James Saur, MS
Regional Training Specialist

James Saur joined the Devereux Direct Care Training Resources team in June 2022. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from King’s College and a Master of Science in Psychology from Capella University.

James brings 16 years of behavioral health experience to the position, having worked as a program manager, therapist and staff trainer at another residential treatment provider and, most recently, as a school counselor at a prevention, education, intervention and advocacy organization in southeastern Pennsylvania. In these roles, he assisted with program development, restraint reduction and neurodevelopmental interventions.

James has 14 years of experience as a trainer in crisis management/prevention, trauma-informed care, attachment and suicide prevention. He is certified as a Safe & Positive Approaches® trainer.

His primary areas of interests include: Trauma informed systems, Crisis prevention and intervention, restraint reduction and suicide prevention.


Anita G. Smith, MS, CPLP
Regional Training Specialist

Anita G. Smith the Devereux Direct Care Training Resources team in October 2019.

She earned her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from West Virginia University in Family and Consumer Sciences, with a major in Child Development and Family Studies. Anita has worked in the behavioral healthcare field for more than twenty years with experience ranging from direct care, clinical supervision, program management and training. The majority of her professional experience has been in staff training and professional development. Anita’s background includes designing learning solutions, developing instructional design materials, and implementing programs in instructor-led and eLearning formats. Before joining Devereux, Anita was a Professional Development and Education Business Partner at a large nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania, with operations in twelve states. While there, Anita actively participated in organization wide initiatives in Leadership Development, Trauma-Informed Care and Employee Retention. Anita is credentialed as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Certification Institute.

Anita has a wide range of experience planning and conducting training programs for direct care, clinical, and supervisory staff. She currently holds trainer certifications in Safe & Positive Approaches®. Additional training certifications include American Red Cross CPR & First Aid, Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services Functional Behavior Assessment, and the Resiliency In Action, The Resiliency Training Program™.

Anita’s primary areas of interest include positive approaches, crisis prevention and intervention, resiliency, professional development, and instructional design.

Alyse P. Hagerty

Alyse Hagerty joined the Devereux Direct Care Training Resources team in February 2018. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University in Hospitality Management.

Alyse has worked in the hospitality industry since 2010 in various customer service-based settings. In her current role, Alyse coordinates the planning and delivery of DCTR's programs and training events. She serves as the first-point-of-contact for internal and external customers, and she is responsible for website maintenance, data management, marketing, contracting of services, billing, and administrative support.

Alyse's primary interests are systems of positive behavioral support.