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Community-based Services

Devereux Colorado’s Community Based Services Program was created to fill a gap in local community. The program is divided into three service lines: Intensive Home-Based Services, Outpatient Therapeutic Services and a Psychiatric Medication Management Clinic. Our Community Based Services gives clients a full spectrum of support. Our dedicated therapists provide mental health treatment for children and young adults diagnosed with depression, pervasive development disorder, attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar disorder, and poor impulse control.

Intensive Home-Based Services

Devereux Colorado will provide individual and family treatment to encourage a cohesive and supportive family structure. Our clinicians are trained to use the following models: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) along with general concepts from major research based in-home therapy models.

Function of Services

  • Services begin with the therapist meeting and assessing the client and family.
  • Monthly team meetings.
  • Weekly contact with the client manager/case worker.
Services typically last a minimum of 90 days, but can be tailored as determined appropriate. The length of treatment will be established through discussions with the treatment provider and the client manager/case worker.

Outpatient Therapeutic Services

Our outpatient services also include therapy options, including individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and couples’ therapy. Services are provided in our two convenient Metro Area locations and delivered by trained therapists with many different areas of expertise: including: play therapy, EMDR, DBT, TF-CBT, CBT and more. We serve children, adolescents and adults. Please call (720) 863-6012 to make an appointment or referral.

Psychiatric Medication Management Clinic

Devereux Colorado has created a unique outpatient Medication Management Clinic in response to the significant need for more psychiatry services for children and adolescents. Serving our clients in two convenient and premier locations in the Metro Area, we are an excellent option for those seeking multiple therapeutic services. Adopting a primary care physician office model, Devereux’s new Medication Management Clinic utilizes a combination of psychiatrists, physician assistants, mental health therapists and medical assistants to provide high quality, efficient and person-centered services. With easy to schedule and frequent appointment times, Devereux Colorado staff have made services easy for clients to access in a timely manner.

Contact Information

Phone: (720) 863-6012
Address: 3801 E. Florida Ave. Suite 102 Denver, CO 80210