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About Devereux Colorado

In 1943, a young woman named Cleo Spurlock Wallace began treating children with speech and language problems.  What began as a school in her basement has become the Rocky Mountain Region’s most comprehensive psychiatric center for children and adolescents.  For 60 years, Devereux Colorado has treated children with psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Devereux Colorado utilizes a trauma-informed and solution oriented model of family therapy in which parents and families are seen as active participants and partners in their child’s treatment.  This approach focuses on capitalizing on the available family strengths and resources, rather than traditional “uncovering” approaches. 

Devereux Colorado is excited to combine vast expertise, a long history of service, and strong professionalism as new programs continue to be added to our Community-Based Services (CBS)  in the greater Metro Denver area.  By serving children, adolescents, and families in their homes an communities, Devereux is dedicated to having a strong continuum of care of services to meet client’s emotional, developmental, intellectual, therapeutic, behavioral, and vocational needs.  Utilizing prevention, evidence-based interventions, and strength-based approaches in working with individuals and families, Devereux Colorado’s clinicians and staff members promote placement stability, health and safety, and success.  

Additionally, Devereux Colorado has a strong commitment to partnering and communicating with other providers and agencies.  Devereux’s collaboration with other community members results in a high level of personalized care for every individual by preventing out-of-home placements, reunifying clients and families, and developing new needed services.  This understanding of the importance in community-based services and collaboration also means that Devereux Colorado is committed to helping families connect and access long-term supports and resources in their own community. 

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