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Devereux California Admissions

Devereux California is one of the premier providers of behavioral healthcare services in the state, offering a full continuum of care for adults with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences.

At Devereux California, we welcome the opportunity to work with adults referred to us from across the U.S., and have had the privilege making a significant and positive impact on the lives of hundreds of individuals over the past 75 years.

“My husband and I are eternally grateful to you all at Devereux for taking such good care of our son, Byron, for those seven years. He is living independently now and doing well, and I give Devereux all the credit. You gave him a second chance at life, and I will always love you for it. You kept our family together by giving Byron the help he needed. I'll be donating to you until my last days!”
- Karen Blanco

“I have nothing but great respect for the wonderful staff at Devereux.”
- Susan Hermance

“I need Devereux in my son’s life. It makes my life a whole lot easier. I am not alone in this – we have Devereux.”
- Sherman Vincent

How to Make a Referral

Searching for the right programs and services can be overwhelming and stressful. Our admissions team can help you find the right fit for your individual, based on his or her specific needs. Our admissions manager will work with you to expedite the admission’s process.

To talk to the Admissions office please call (805) 879-0311.

Admissions Process

Step 1 – Gather All Documentation Needed

The following documentation is needed in order to complete an application with Devereux CA:

  1. Current Psychiatric Evaluation and/or Assessment
  2. Psychological Testing with IQ Score
  3. Current Physical (within last six months) and information about any medical problems
  4. Treatment Plans from current program, including day program
  5. Application
  6. Pre-admission questionnaire

Supporting Documentation (needed if accepted):

  1. Birth certificate and Social Security Card
  2. Immunization records
  3. List of current medications, medication court order/consent and medications
  4. Court order of conservatorship
  5. HIPPA release form for anyone needing a release of information (i.e. family, agency, funders)

If the referral is coming from a Regional Center the referral packet must also include a Face Sheet, CDER and eligibility verification.

Step 2 – Submit Referral and Documentation

To submit a referral, please fax the above documentation to (805) 968-5725. The admissions office will review within 24 hours and the admissions manager will contact you to discuss the referral. Please call the admissions office prior to faxing the referral.

Step 3 – Admission

Once you receive admissions approval you will work collaboratively with the admissions coordinator on funding approval prior to placement. Depending on the program, the individual may need to have a physical and tuberculosis test completed prior to admission.

Admissions Contact information

Devereux California offers peace of mind for clients and families in choosing a care provider with a reputation for excellence and stability.

Please fill out the form online and the Admissions office will contact you within 24 hours.

Devereux California
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