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Devereux New York Adult Services

Devereux New York provides a wide range of educational, clinical, residential and community-based programs and services to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, emotional and behavioral differences, and dual diagnoses.  

Our goal is to support the individuals we serve to become positive, productive and socially-connected members of their communities.  

Devereux New York’s continuum of care for adults includes: 

  • Day habilitation: Customized habilitation services, provided in a community setting for adults, offer: work experience, travel training, community integration, social interactions, relaxation exercises, the development of hobbies and leisure time activities. Click here for more details.
  • Residential programs: Individual residential alternatives provide homes in the community for small groups of adults. The program includes supervised living, community integration, social skill development, community-based recreational activities, and opportunities for volunteer work, supported work and competitive employment. Click here for details.
  • Medically fragile residential program: Residential program for adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral differences who also may be diagnosed with physical medical conditions that require round-the-clock care in a supportive and home-like environment. 

In addition, our adult self-advocacy group, which meets monthly, helps individuals feel empowered by their hard work and proud of their accomplishments. During these meetings, the group focuses on sharing information about living healthier lifestyles and participating in state-wide advocacy events and learning experiences. 

All services are delivered with a person-centered approach to ensure that each individual’s needs, interests and levels of ability are met. We support independence and community integration through work, leisure and recreational activities.

For additional Information and assistance, please contact:

Kecia D. Reid
Director of Admissions
(845)758-1899, extension 1236  

Day Habilitation Services

Devereux New York’s day habilitation program offers services in safe, community settings for adults ages 18 years up. All individuals served are dually diagnosed with behavioral health differences such as: autism spectrum disorders, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, and/or borderline personality disorder. 

This program offers customized and supported work training experiences through community volunteer work for nonprofit agencies and organizations. Additional skills-based training includes: travel training; recreation and community awareness/integration, regular contact with family and friends, social interaction, awareness of others, relaxation exercises, the development and support of hobbies and other special interest/leisure time activities. 

Our day habilitation services help individuals participate in activities that interest them, from hobbies and recreation to volunteer work. In community versus classroom settings, adults learn skills such as: self-advocacy, maintaining appropriate boundaries with others and adapting to new situations.  

Residential programs

Devereux New York operates several types of residences that provide the maximum amount of independence consistent with each individual’s strengths and abilities. All residences provide a homelike environment with a therapeutic and highly-personalized approach to care. 

We offer Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) in Columbia, Dutchess, Ulster and Westchester Counties, for adults ages 21 and older. Between four and seven individuals live in each home; staff are present whenever residents are at home. Note: For those individuals working toward greater independence – and whom have been granted “home alone time” – less supervision is required. In addition, we offer supported apartments, where adults live independently and receive 20-30 hours a week of care by our professional team members in accordance with their Individual Service Plans (ISPs) or Lifeplan. 

To support a sense of independence, all residents are provided with guidance and training in areas related to personal hygiene, meal preparation, household chores, healthcare, personal finance, recreation, social skills, and travel. The program also includes community integration, social skill development, community-based leisure-time activities, and opportunities for volunteer work, supported work and competitive employment. 

Our overall goal is to help the individuals we serve to pursue their dreams, support the choices they make for themselves, and assist them in having as much control over their lives as possible.