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Benefits of foster parenting

10 Facts about Specialty Foster Care

  1. Specialty Foster Care provides intensive treatment in a foster care setting. 
  2. The program is a less restrictive alternative to long­term residential care for youth that have severe emotional disturbances. 
  3. We recruit, train and support families to provide treatment in their own homes as members of the therapeutic team. Treatment families implement an individualized treatment plan that is developed for a child by the treatment team. The staff provides intensive clinical supervision and training. 
  4. Twenty-four hour supervision in person or by phone is provided to each treatment family by clinically trained professional staff. 
  5. Treatment parents are reimbursed at a competitive rate for the care of a youth living in their home. 
  6. The safety of the youth and the safety of the treatment family are of paramount concern in the matching process of youth with families. 
  7. We are a therapeutic program and no punishment or harsh discipline is allowed. We provide training to educate the foster parent concerning appropriate consequences. 
  8. We are accountable to our customers and stress the importance of documenting the services we provide. We develop positive and productive relationships with other child-centered and family-focused programs. 
  9. We foster partnerships between treatment parents, birth parents and the treatment team. We help birth parents reunite with their children whenever possible. 
  10. We have a great passion for the work we do and provide UNCONDITIONAL CARE as much as possible, even when it is difficult.

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