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Emotional and Behavioral Health Challenges

Devereux Pennsylvania offers innovative programs and services for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges in community and residential treatment settings. Our goal is to provide each individual with a sense of security and stability, a foundation from which self-confidence and personal accomplishment can grow.

Diagnoses served include: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and oppositional-defiant disorder. We also serve individuals with a history of substance abuse challenges, aggression to themselves and others, as well as emotional and physical trauma.

While our programs are located in southeast and northeast Pennsylvania, we encourage families who do not live in the region to contact us for more information. We are proud to serve individuals and families across the country.

Our services include:

Approved Private Schools 

In southeast Pennsylvania, we offer innovative education programs designed specifically for children with emotional and behavioral challenges. Our schools provide individualized academic instruction, as well as social and emotional supports to meet the unique needs of each student.

Acute Care

For children and adolescents in crisis, intensive, short-term treatment is available at Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Behavioral Health Center (DCBHC) in Malvern, Pa. We can evaluate, diagnose and stabilize the child after a psychiatric emergency, and help the family connect to aftercare.

Outpatient and Evidence-Based Services

We believe in the importance of supporting families in their own neighborhoods. We provide specialized clinical and case management services in home, school and community settings in southeast Pennsylvania.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment programs provide 24-hour, out-of-home services for children and adolescents who need intensive support. A team of experienced staff are dedicated to helping each individual achieve their social, emotional and educational goals, and prepare them to return to their own communities.

View available resources for teens and young adults, as well as parents who are seeking information and support for adolescent-related issues.