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Honoring Devereux's Direct Care Team Members

Devereux’s direct care professionals (DCPs), direct support professionals (DSPs) and youth care professionals (YCPs) always put others before themselves. These individuals are the heart and soul of our organization, providing exemplary service and outstanding support to the youth and adults they serve, every single day.

Look below to read testimonials from team members about how Devereux’s DCPs, DSPs and YCPs are making a difference at their centers, and in the lives of the individuals and families they serve.



Taylor Powell

Devereux Georgia DSP Taylor Powell

Taylor Powell, DSP
Devereux Georgia

“Taylor has been with Devereux Georgia for several years, and she is the epitome of a servant leader. She has an amazingly positive attitude and great rapport with all staff and individuals. Her infectious smile and upbeat personality bring a light to all those around her. Taylor’s personal mission is to treat others with respect and kindness in an effort to foster a safe and positive environment. She’s tremendously instrumental in daily milieu operations, fulfilling roles on every shift and unit and providing support to supervisors. Taylor is a leader among her peers, and it is such a pleasure working with her.”
Melanie Washington, Devereux Georgia direct care
team member



Ivan and Michelle

Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island DCP Ivan Ankamafio (right) with Program Coordinator Michelle Beaver during a holiday gift exchange.

Ivan Ankamafio, DCP
Devereux Massachusetts/Rhode Island

“Ivan is an amazing staff member who goes above and beyond for our individuals. He’s a strong advocate for them – and his co-workers. He has a kind heart and really cares about his work. Ivan is always up for the task of learning new things and taking on additional responsibilities. He demonstrates what it means to be part of a team at the Oakhill group home by helping with Servant Leadership and keeping the team together as one united front.”
Michelle Beaver, Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode
Island program coordinator



Deaughon Linton, DSP

Devereux New York DSP Deaughon Linton

Deaughon Linton, DSP
Devereux New York

“Deaughon has been with Devereux New York for some time now, and has grown so much. He takes initiative in keeping up with tasks at his dorm, and has made progress when he is asked to assist in another dorm. In addition, Deaughon has an understanding of the individuals he serves. He is soft spoken and compassionate toward our individuals, and is well-liked by his co-workers and works as a team player.”
Je’Lysa Carter, Devereux New York residential



hands in a heart shape

Esther Narh, DCP
Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Services

“Esther goes above and beyond for the individuals she serves. She comes in every day with a huge smile on her face, and I often hear other staff members note how enjoyable it is to work with her. Beyond that, she is creative in the ways in which she engages with our individuals. When one of our younger boys is sad, she takes the time to talk to him about the North Pole and all of the fun adventures there. When someone is about to engage in a tantrum, she quickly redirects them rather than encouraging the behavior. She is quick on her feet and jumps in when there is a challenging situation, but somehow, she manages to remain a positive light for everyone at work. Esther is the kind of employee you want to have in your workplace. She brings joy, creativity
and laughter into our kids' lives. I am grateful for the
opportunity to work with her.”
Hannah Szenczy, Devereux Pennsylvania
Children’s Services care coordinator




Devereux New York DSP Godfrey Omondi.

Godfrey Omondi, DSP
Devereux New York

“Even though he has only been with Devereux New York for a short time, Godfrey has demonstrated a strong work ethic. He goes above and beyond to make sure the individuals he serves, as well as his colleagues, have what they need and feel supported. Godfrey is a natural leader, but never makes anyone feel less than. He knows and shows how to work as a team player. As his residential director, I recognize how helpful he is to not only me, but to everyone he works with, which is why I believe he has the potential to grow. Godfrey is kind and soft spoken, both of which are great character traits.”
Je’Lysa Carter, Devereux New York
residential director



Germel Allen and Chi'Kyla Coleman

Devereux Georgia DSP II Germel Allen (left) with Specialty Foster Care Program Supervisor Chi’Kyla Coleman.

Germel Allen, DSP II
Devereux Georgia

“Mr. Allen has been part of the Devereux Georgia family for 15 years, and from the first day I met him on campus, he has always had a positive spirit and greeted everyone with joy. Mr. Allen serves as a positive role model for the children on our campus by bringing stability and consistency to their lives. The children have stated that he treats everyone the same and is fair. Mr. Allen, thank you for all you do in serving our youth!”
Chi’Kyla Coleman, Devereux Georgia
specialty foster care program supervisor