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Supported Employment Program

When individuals secure competitive employment, it fills them with a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement. Devereux New Jersey’s Supported Employment Program provides personal growth opportunities for adults, age 21 and older, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and other emotional and behavioral challenges. We offer a host of employment services, including pre-placement, job coaching and ongoing coaching.

How Devereux supports adults with disabilities

Devereux New Jersey’s Certified Supported Employment staff support adults by:

  • Conducting a thorough assessment and determining strengths, interests and employment goals
  • Identifying and securing employment partners in the community
  • Assisting in identifying and developing workplace accommodations
  • Helping adults find competitive jobs in the community
  • Providing ongoing support, as needed.

Hearing from our supported adults!

“I love the people and my co-workers. Everyone is so nice, and I also enjoy working on the fries station.”
Carrie Jackson, Wendy’s team member since 2010.


Carrie Jackson

“My job coach helps me create a checklist of my job duties and we check everything off as we go.”
Danielle Blackburn, McDonald’s team member since 2022.


Danielle Blackburn

“I see myself a year from now living in an unsupervised apartment and working at McDonald’s.”
Nicholas “Nick” Polombo, McDonald’s team member since 2020.


Nick Polombo

“Ms. Darlene is the best job coach, and she assists with my job duties!”
Bennika Hill, McDonald’s team member since 2022.


Bennika Hill

Getting Started

Adults can choose to participate in Devereux New Jersey’s Supported Employment services provided they are Medicaid eligible and participate in either the Supports Program or Community Care Program.

To learn more about our Supported Employee services, contact Anna Bishop by phone at (856)-599-6411, or via email at