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Adult Services

At Devereux New Jersey, we offer the following programs and services for adults with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences.

I/DD Residential Services

With 70 group homes located throughout the state, Devereux New Jersey’s community-based residential programs provide a variety of living options for nearly 300 adults with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences. Our supportive and highly-trained staff identify the strengths and needs of each individual, and implement a structured treatment plan to help those in our care lead more independent, fulfilling and socially-connected lives.

I/DD Day Program Services

Our person-centered Day Habilitation Program helps individuals gain the skills needed to become active and productive members of their communities. Participants work on customized/targeted goals and behaviors such as: adaptive living skills, communication, arts and crafts, related pre-vocational/vocational skills, and the reduction and/or elimination of maladaptive behaviors.

Assessments and Consultation

Our New Jersey licensed clinical psychology team has expertise providing comprehensive psychological evaluations for the diagnosis and treatment planning of adults with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, attentional disorders, learning disabilities, genetic disorders, behavioral disturbances and psychiatric disorders.

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment Program provides personal growth opportunities for adults, age 21 and older, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and other emotional and behavioral challenges. We offer a host of employment services, including pre-placement, job coaching and ongoing coaching.