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Mission and Goals


The internship at Devereux is consistent with the scientist-practitioner model and reflects a concern for the competent, theoretically informed, and empirically grounded practice of Health Service Psychology. In addition, interns are encouraged to continue to develop their research and analytical skills in combination with their clinical competencies. The overarching mission of the program is to prepare the intern for entering the independent practice of psychology. Training experiences and supervision are carefully orchestrated to provide a hierarchical and cumulative experience that Devereux, through the ICPTR, has offered doctoral interns in Health Service Psychology for more than 50 years.  

Program Goals 

The goals of the Health Service Psychology Internship Training Program include: 

  1. To develop core clinical competencies for entry-level practice in Health Service Psychology; 
  2. To apply clinical competencies across a variety of service systems; 
  3. To refine skills of scientific scholarship and investigation; and 
  4. To prepare interns to assume positions of leadership in a variety of professional settings.