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Servant Leadership Snapshot

Devereux’s talented and hard-working team members lead to serve, while inspiring others to learn and grow. Our “Servant Leadership Snapshot” series shines a light on exemplary servant leaders across our organization who empower all those around them to be their best selves. Look below to read features written by these compassionate collaborators as they help their teams, programs, departments and centers reach even greater heights through Servant Leadership.


Linda Long, Receptionist

Linda LongCenter/office location: Devereux Pennsylvania - Adult Services/Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Length of service: November 2014

How do you embed an inclusive, Servant Leadership mindset into your daily processes?

As a receptionist, I embed an inclusive, Servant Leadership mindset into my daily processes by being on the front lines and supporting our many departments. Whether I am assisting with mass mailings, conducting pre-hire screenings or answering the telephone, I go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment and to greet our individuals and vendors, as well as my co-workers, with a smile because they are my first priority. As a front-line employee, I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable when they enter our building.

How do you inspire others to embrace Servant Leadership practices?

I inspire others by showing kindness and respect, and by being a good listener to those who want to vent or even just talk. Sometimes, it is the little things like talking with people that can put a smile on their face.

Share an example or story of how you demonstrated compassion or delivered quality customer service at your center.

A U.S. Census Bureau field representative came to Adult Services one morning, trying to find the appropriate person to talk to about a census report. The representative did not have any correspondence with the person, just that she needed to go to Adult Services. I told the representative to please have a seat and that I would find out who she needed to speak with about the report. It took a bit of time, so I offered her a quiet place to sit and some coffee. The first person who came to my mind was our director of Quality Management who then assisted the representative. The representative later told our director that I was very helpful and I treated her with kindness.